Best Workout Socks for Peloton

I get so many questions about what are the best workout socks for Peloton. So, I decided to write this article that answers that question, once and for all. 

What’s fascinating is that when it comes to socks and Peloton, you aren’t just talking about the best cycling socks. That’s because, these days, Peloton is about more than just a bike.

Best workout socks for Peloton

You have to keep in mind that Peloton offers all kinds of workout content. So you might be looking for men’s or women’s workout socks for running on a Tread or outdoors. Or maybe you’re doing barre classes (on the Peloton app or through YouTube) so you’re looking for socks that grip on the bottom. Or, you’re following the Hardcore on the Floor calendar and need moisture-wicking socks to pair with your workout shoes.

In addition, you could be looking for fun or motivational workout socks, kind of like the motivational wall art of Peloton instructor quotes you can find on Etsy. Finally, if you’re going to spend money on a decent pair of workout socks, then you’re going to want to buy from a brand that offers the best lifetime guarantee.

So, you see, there’s more to identifying the best workout socks for Peloton or another discipline. But don’t worry–I’ve got you. I feel confident that this article will answer all of the sock questions you never realized you needed the answers to.

best workout socks for peloton pin

Best workout socks for Peloton cycle

Have you ever wondered this: do you need to wear socks with Peloton shoes? I’m not sure why people have come to me asking this question.

Why? Because I would never consider spinning without socks. Then again, people wear sneakers all the time sockless so I guess it makes sense.

However, just like with regular shoes, the way to make them last longer is always to wear them with socks. Think of socks like underwear for your feet. By having that layer of sock between your feet and the inside of the shoe, you’re basically keeping it “cleaner.” 

In addition, by wearing moisture-wicking socks, you’ll lessen the chances of developing blisters and other issues from sweaty feet. In fact, in everyday life, especially in the winter, you want to choose moisture-wicking socks. They will help keep your feet dry and warm, important when it’s chilly out.

Brands of moisture-wicking workout socks

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One of my favorite brands of moisture-wicking workout socks is Swiftwick. Both my husband and I wear them. 

What I like about Switftwick, besides the moisture wicking, is they are on the thinner side. That is, the fabric is thinner. 

Plus, they fit snugly on our feet. Therefore, they don’t bunch up while we’re pedaling. Also, since your foot tends to swell a bit during a cycling class, I don’t have to worry about extra fabric making my shoes feel extra tight.

Different styles of Swiftwick socks

For cycling I would recommend buying the Swiftwick Aspire sock. It offers firm compression and the aforementioned moisture wicking. Also, Aspire socks come in six different cuff heights–from knee high all the way down to a no show version–if that’s important to you. 

The first pair of Aspire socks my husband and I bought were above the ankle. Honestly, since I’m cycling indoors by myself, I don’t really care how much of my sock’s fabric shows when I’m working out. What I care about is what is happening inside my shoes.

Finally, Switftwick fits the category of lifetime warranty socks. Scroll to the bottom of this article for other brands of socks that offer a guarantee.

No show workout socks

In addition to no-show socks from Swiftwick, Bombas also offers no show workout socks. Also like Swiftwick, Bombas falls into the category of socks with a guarantee.

I tend to wear Bombas socks when I’m doing my outdoor walks with the Peloton app. I like that the toe is reinforced and the heel cushioned. It helps with my plantar fasciitis. Well, that and wearing a good pair of walking shoes with sufficient arch support.

Here are tips to avoid Bombas dupes.

Check out this article for more about wide width workout shoes.

Socks for Barre workout

The great thing about doing Barre and Pilates on the Peloton app is this: you can choose to wear special socks, or you can choose to do the workout barefoot. Since this is an article about the best workout socks, I’ll help you identify socks you can wear for a Barre or Pilates workout.

For starters you want to find workout socks with a grip on the bottom. Whether you’re doing a Barre class in a studio with a wood floor or at home on your yoga mat, you definitely want your socks to have some kind of traction. Thus, the gripper socks for Barre and Pilates.

Kate Spade used to sell these awesome workout socks for Barre. Unfortunately, they’re completely sold out everywhere I’ve looked.

Brands of Barre workout socks

So, some other brands of Barre workout socks, the kind with a gripper or grippy bottom, include:

Alo Yoga



When it comes to these gripper socks, they might look like “regular” ankle socks, as the Bombas brand does. Or, they might look more like a ballet slipper, as the Alo Yoga Pivot Barre Socks do

It doesn’t matter. The style of sock on top is a personal preference. What matters most is the gripper dots or stripes on the bottom of the sock so you don’t slip or slide away during your workout.

Here is my review of Peloton Barre classes as well as Peloton Pilates classes.

Fun and motivational workout socks

If you’d rather take a more lighthearted approach to your workout socks, you can always go for fun ones or those with motivational sayings on them. For example, for my last birthday, my younger daughter gave me a six pack of “Friends” socks. Yes, there’s even “Pivot!” socks.

She knows that “Friends” is my favorite show (“Big Bang Theory” is my second favorite) so it was the perfect gift for me. What’s even more perfect is that the socks are made of synthetic fibers, which means they don’t hold sweat.

Also, they’re thin so they feel great inside any sneaker. I wonder if next year she’ll buy me some “Big Bang Theory” socks–hint, hint–if they exist.

As far as motivational socks, you can find a ton over on Etsy. I’m not surprised since many of the Peloton instructor inspirational quotes I’ve shared in past posts have come from Etsy, too.

I’ll admit that many of these motivational socks aren’t 100% workout related. And some of them use, um, spicy language. But if you’re looking for a fun gag gift for a workout junkie, I think you’ll find great options on Etsy.

Here is my article on gifts for Peloton lovers. 

Best workout socks with a lifetime warranty

As promised at the top of this article, I’ve rounded up a handful of workout sock brands that offer a lifetime warranty or limited lifetime guarantee. Many of these brands are available on Amazon and appeared in my article called 32 Brands with a Lifetime Guarantee on Amazon. Nearly all of them are in my lifetime guarantee products post, too.

Final thoughts on the best workout socks for Peloton

As I mentioned, looking for the best workout socks to use with Peloton requires more than just info on cycling socks. These days you can take Barre and Pilates classes on the Peloton app or website, so you might need socks for them.

In addition, there are hiking, walking and running classes to do on the Tread (or your own treadmill) or even outdoors, so you’ll need socks for those. Finally, I pointed you towards socks with a guarantee, if that matters to you.

I think I’ve done a good job of rounding up sock options for both men and women, and offered a variety of brands to consider. However, if you think I’ve missed something or you have another brand of workout sock that you believe should be in the best category, please let me know. I’ll check them out.