Hotels with Peloton Bikes in the UK Guide

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In researching if there were hotels with a Peloton bike in the UK for this guide, I discovered a few things. First, London hotels with Peloton bikes have a ways to go. In other words, while hotels in London definitely have Peloton cycles in them, they’re not nearly as plentiful as other large cities.

Next, of the hotels that do have the Peloton cycles, most have just one. I’m very used to hotels that have multiple bikes for guests to use.

Where you can ride a Peloton cycle in UK

After that, when talking about Peloton and London, of course, there is a studio for Peloton in London. In the before times, you used to be able to book a ride there.

However, these days the only way you can ride Peloton UK is at one of these hotels. Your best bet for doing that is in a London hotel. That’s because of all of the UK cities with hotels and Peloton bikes, London is the city with the most hotels that have Peloton bikes.


List of hotels with Peloton bikes in the UK

So, how have I organized this list of hotels in the UK with Peloton cycles? One, by location.

As I mentioned most are in London. Then, within each location in this guide, I’ve listed the hotels in alphabetical order.

It’s important to point out two things about this article. One, it grew out of my much larger blog post about Peloton hotels nationwide. Two, I’ve personally checked information about Peloton bikes on location in these hotel gyms.

Therefore, you may find hotels listed on other sites about Peloton hotels in London that don’t appear in my article. That’s because I’ve fact-checked my information. In addition, I continually update these posts as I learn new information. I’ve found that other sites aren’t doing this updating as regularly so their guides tend to be out of date or inaccurate.

Finally, I understand that you can get a Peloton ride in at London’s Heathrow Airport. Details in this post about airport hotels with Pelotons.

Now onto my list of UK hotels with Peloton bikes, starting in London.

Hotels in Scotland with a Peloton bike


Crieff Hydro Resort

The Crieff Hydro Resort recently announced on its Facebook page (shown, below) that it has added a Peloton bike to the gym and fitness center. As far as I know, this is the only location in Scotland that has a Peloton bike.

crieff hydro resort scotland peloton bike

Non-London Hotels in England UK with Peloton bikes


Graduate Hotel Cambridge

The Graduate Hotel Cambridge near the University of Cambridge has a Peloton bike in the fitness center. It is one of two Graduate hotels near English universities. The other one is in Oxford.


The Grove Hotel

Located about 20 miles outside of London, The Grove Hotel has a full spa as well as personal trainers in the gym. Want to work out with your own Peloton trainers? Then you’ll definitely want to hop on the single Peloton cycle there.

Hotels with Peloton bikes in London UK

Andaz London Liverpool Street

When you book a room at the Andaz London Liverpool Street, you’ll want to book one of the hotel’s Fitness Rooms–it comes with a Peloton bike. These Peloton rooms are one of the King Bed Deluxe rooms. Here is how the hotel, part of the Hyatt family, describes this room:

“There’s ample space to unwind and work out in this 33-square-metre room with a separate sitting area, one plush king bed, and spacious bathroom. These rooms are equipped with a Peloton® Bike, dumbbells, yoga equipment and more.”

The Anthanaeum Hotel & Residences

I spied a single Peloton bike in the spa and gym at The Anthenaeum Hotel & Residences; you can see multiple pictures of it on its Expedia page. The hotel itself is in the heart of Mayfair.

Bankside Hotel

The Bankside Hotel has a single Peloton cycle in its gym.

The Beaumont Hotel

Located in the Mayfair section of London, the Beaumont Hotel has one Peloton bike in its gymnasium.

Club Quarters Lincoln’s Inn Fields

There is a single Peloton bike in the hotel gym of the Club Quarters Lincoln’s Inn Fields.

Club Quarters Hotel St. Paul’s

At the Club Quarters Hotel St. Paul’s, you’ll find one Peloton bike.

Club Quarters Hotel, Trafalgar Square

It shouldn’t surprise you to discover that the Club Quarters Hotel, Trafalgar Square and some of the other Club Quarters hotels in London have Pelotons. Multiple Club Quarters hotels in New York City are also Peloton hotels.

However, take note: the Gracechurch location does not have Pelotons. So, if you want to ride Peloton while visiting London and want a Club Quarters property, only look at the Club Quarters hotels in this guide that have a separate listing.

Corinthia London

There are at least two Peloton bikes at the Corinthia London. This hotel calls its gym a Fit Space and, speficially, Espa Life at Corinthia.

The Curtain Hotel London

There are three Peloton bikes at The Curtain Hotel in London. There are two in the fitness center and one in a guestroom. Specifically, this, from the hotel’s website: 

“[I]f you’re staying in one of our Suites or Junior Suites then you can call down and we’ll bring one right up so you can work out in your room!”

The Gate Hotel London

The folks at the Gate Hotel London refer to the property as an “aparthotel.” So, it’s more of an apartment-style living than a straight hotel. One of the benefits of staying at the Gate is the fitness center with Peloton bikes. I grabbed the picture, below, of the two cycles, from the Gate’s Expedia page. 

gate hotel london peloton bikes

The Hari

The Hari Hotel, close to both Buckingham Palace and Harrod’s, has one Peloton bike in the gym.

Home House Hotel

Listed as a private, members-only club, it isn’t clear if mere mortals like you and me can book a room at the Home House Hotel. However, since it has a Peloton bike, I wanted to include it in this guide.

Also, this is how the property describes the hotel gym, where you’ll find the Peloton:

“Located in the basement of House 21, the Gym & Health Spa at Home House is a subterranean haven for members and hotel guests alike.”

Inhabit Hotel-Southwick

There is one Peloton cycle at the Inhabit Hotel on Southwick Street. The chain is supposed to be opening a second hotel in the Paddington neighborhood of London soon; this new hotel will also have Pelotons in the hotel gym.

Kimpton Fitzroy London

It’s not obvious that the Kimpton Fitzroy London has a Peloton bike here. However, by digging a bit deeper, I was able to confirm its presence through other sources.

London Marriott Hotel Park Lane

A Facebook friend confirmed that he used the single Peloton bike at the London Marriott Hotel Park Lane. Unfortunately, the hotel does not make it clear that the bike is here.

Mama Shelter London Shoreditch

If you’re looking for an ultrahip London hotel, then the Mama Shelter London Shoreditch is your place. However, I had to search the hotel’s Expedia page to find photographic proof (below) of the one Peloton bike on site. 

The Ned

Ned’s Club Gym is what The Ned hotel gym is called. It references having Peloton bikes (with a lower case “p”). This made me concerned at first that maybe this London hotel was referring to the cycles generically as one might a copy machine and Xerox or tissues and Kleenex. However, others have confirmed that the Peloton (with a capital P) bikes here are the real deal.

NoMad Hotel London

The NoMad brand has hotels in Los Angeles and Las Vegas (and formerly New York City). And now there is the NoMad Hotel in London. While the hotel doesn’t promote it, I recently learned that the hotel has a single Peloton bike in the fitness center.

One Aldwych

The fitness studio at the One Aldwych hotel, in Covent Gardens, has one Peloton bike.

The Standard Hotel London

Not only does The Standard Hotel London have Peloton bikes in the gym, but also, on occasion, this hotel in Kings Cross offers specials that include having the Peloton delivered to your room for a private workout.

Westin London City

The Westin London City opened in Fall 2021. Set on the banks of the Thames River, this newest hotel in London is said to have Peloton bikes in the hotel gym. And just now, two bikes with shoes cages have been confirmed.

White City House-Soho House

Housed in a former BBC television studio, the White City House is part of Soho House in West London. There is definitely at least one Peloton bike here, according to this 2018 article about the hotel.

Hotels with Peloton Bikes in London

Hotel in Shrewsbury, England UK with Peloton bikes

Hawkstone Hall & Gardens

You’ll find two Peloton bikes in the Orangery Gym of the Luxury Spa & Retreat Shrewsbury, within the Hawkstone Hall & Gardens. This hotel is a former mansion in the English countryside. It is about three and half hours northwest of London, very close to the Wales border. 


Hotel in Surrey, England UK with Peloton bikes

The Runnymede on Thames

When The Runnymede on Thames add a Peloton bike to its fitness center and spa, it announced that addition on its Facebook page. FYI, Surrey is a suburb of London.


Final thoughts on hotels with Pelotons in the UK

Like every Peloton hotel article I write, I’m constantly going back and updating them. So, if you visit a UK hotel and find Peloton bikes on premises, please let me know. 

In addition, if you are a PR rep for a property not included in my post, I’d love to hear from you. Finally, what surprises me the most is the fact that the chains we’re used to in the United States–Marriott hotels, Westin hotels, etc.–aren’t better represented in the London hotels with Peloton bikes.

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