How to Get Peloton Badges

I decided to write this blog post on how to get Peloton badges after so many readers reached out with questions. Some of their questions–and what I’ll cover in this article–include:

  • How do I earn badges on my Peloton?
  • Are there hidden badges?
  • What are some of the Peloton special event badges for this year?
  • Where can I find a complete list of Peloton badges?
  • What are social, streak, milestone or achievement badges?

Hopefully, by the time you get to the end of this article, I will have answered all of your questions about badges. But if I didn’t, please let me know. 

How to get Peloton badges

Plain and simple, you get or earn Peloton badges for a number of reasons. I’ll explain each one in detail in sections below. But let me outline them here to start.

One, you get a badge for any milestone you hit in a Peloton class. This could be a class you take on your bike, the Tread, the app or a Smart TV. And you get these milestone badges for each different type of class you take.

Two, you get badges for how often you work out. Peloton breaks this out into daily and weekly streaks. (Here are some ideas for keeping a streak going.)

And, three, you get badges for special events and challenges. These range from the monthly activity challenges to Artist Series classes. 

Peloton challenge badges

Now, let’s dig deep into each of these ways to get these achievement insignia that show up in your profile.

Milestone badges for number of Peloton classes

Each of your milestones will be broken out by the category of classes you’ve taken. Mine go from Cycling Milestones to Cardio Milestones.

First, let’s start with badges for the number of rides or classes. That’s the most common milestone that users reach.

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These increments are the same, regardless of classes you take. You’ll receive badges in your profile when you hit the following milestones:

  • 1
  • 10
  • 25
  • 50
  • 75
  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 250
  • 300
  • 350
  • 400
  • 450
  • 500
  • 600
  • 700
  • 800
  • 900
  • 1K
  • 1500
  • 2K
  • 2500
  • 3K
  • 3500
  • 4K
  • 4500
  • 5K

Daily streak awards and accolades

Also, you’ll get a badge every time you complete one of the daily streaks listed below. Interestingly, there are a limited number of daily streaks that you can earn on Peloton. On the other hand, if you break a streak, you can always start again and earn more of those same badges.

For example, when I look in my profile, this is how many times I’ve earned the following daily streak awards. This is current as of this writing:

  • 3-Day Streak (69 times)
  • 5-Day Streak (44 times)
  • 7-Day Streak (29 times)
  • 10-Day Streak (19 times)
  • 20-Day Streak (12 times)
  • 30-Day Streak (10 times)
  • 45-Day Streak (6 times)
  • 60-Day Streak (5 times)
peloton daily streak badges

Weekly streak badges

In addition to earning daily streak badges, you get badges in your Peloton profile from weekly streaks. Like the daily streaks, you can earn these multiple times.

Here is the breakdown of weekly awards available. Then, I’ve included how many times I’ve earned them:

  • 3-Week Streak (6 times)
  • 5-Week Streak (6 times)
  • 10-Week Streak (5 times)
  • 20-Week Streak (3 times)
  • 30-Week Streak
  • 40-Week Streak
  • 52-Week Streak (badge actually says 1 YR)
  • 60-Week Streak
  • 70-Week Streak
  • 80-Week Streak
  • 90-Week Streak
  • 104-Week Streak (badge says 2 YR)
  • 125-Week Streak
  • 156-Week Streak (badge says 3 YR)
  • 175-Week Streak
  • 208-Week Streak (badge says 4 YR)
peloton weekly streak badges

Note: I haven’t received any of the weekly badges more than once after getting to 20 weeks three times. And that’s because of this: since June 2018 I have not missed one week of Peloton workouts. That’s when I really got serious about using my Peloton on a regular basis.

Special events badges and rewards

Sometimes you can earn special badges and rewards for taking specific classes. Examples might be a Turkey Burn ride on Thanksgiving or an artist series, like the amazing two-for-one Prince class that Ally and Emma taught on the bike.

You can also earn special badges if you take a certain number of Peloton classes during a certain special occasion or with a theme, like Black History Month or Asian Heritage Month.

Also, if you take a ride at Peloton London Studios or Peloton Studios New York, you get a special badge, too. I got mine when I rode at PSNY in 2022.


This blog post is devoted entirely to Peloton theme rides, runs, classes and workouts.

Peloton special event challenges and badges

Also, Peloton runs challenges all the time.  Usually, there is a monthly challenge for days working out or number of miles ridden–at least on the Peloton cycle. In summer 2020 there was something called the Pelothon. That was a ton of fun.

This article outlines special events throughout the year.

Seasonal challenges

Here is my article all about Peloton challenges.

At the start of each season, Peloton will usually throw out a 30-day challenge. Once you work out for 30 days straight in that month, you’ll get a special emblem for completing the challenge. These challenge crests appear separate from the special event badges mentioned above.

peloton special event badges 2022

Earning multiple special event badges

I just looked in my profile, and to date I’ve earned 56 special event badges. However, just like the daily and weekly badges, you can earn them multiple times. I’ve shared a few examples here.

For example, when Peloton had the Taylor Red challenge in December 2021, I took a number of those classes on repeat. That’s why it shows I earned that badge five times.

Here are ideas on how to recreate the Taylor Swift workout using Peloton classes.

Also in 2021, Peloton introduced Stacking Stuffer classes. I loved them–and still do. So, I earned that award nine times.

Finally, I’ve taken a lot of the Artists Series classes. In fact, Peloton tells me I earned that badge 79 times.

Social badges

In addition, Peloton doles out what it calls social badges. These are green hexagons with swirls in the middle. To me they look like cells dividing.

You earn these for working out with “friends.” And “friends” being your followers on Peloton.

The social badges are:

  • Dynamic Duo (you and a friend taking the same class together)
  • Three’s Company (workout with two friends)
  • Pack (three friends working out together)
  • Squad (working out with five friends)
  • Flock (10 friends all taking the same class at the same time)
  • Swarm (working out simultaneously with 20 friends)
Peloton social badges

It’s probably because I do Power Zone training–and participate in regular Power Zone team challenges–that I’ve gotten the Swarm badge 2,177 times and the Flock badge 354 times. Also, being a member of the Hardcore on the Floor squad helps, too.

Currently, I have over 1,200 “friends” so pretty much every time I clip in or join a class on the app, I have at least a few “friends” in there with me.

Peloton milestone stickers

While you can earn badges on your Peloton profile for each milestone you reach, lots of people like to decorate their Peloton space with other reminders. For example, I’ve had a lot of people ask me about Peloton milestone stickers. If you’re looking for actual stickers to put on your bike, check out what I found on Etsy!

List of available Peloton badges

At some point I’d love to put together a comprehensive list of Peloton badges you can earn. I know that there are people who enjoy the prospect of riding every special event, challenge or themed ride so they can say they earned all of the badges. So, I’ll get working on that and then update this post once I’ve got that complete.

Of course, the only drawback with trying to put together this list of available badges is the fact that Peloton continues to purge classes. So it may be impossible to earn all the badges they’ve ever offered.

How far back my Peloton badges go

For example, the oldest awards I have are from 2018. There are three of them, and they are:

  • All for One 2018 (all the instructors riding together in studio, one by one)
  • HRI 2018 (that’s Home Rider Invasion, now called Peloton homecoming)
  • PyeongChang 2018 (when Peloton broadcast classes from the 2018 Olympics in South Korea)

However, I’ve had my bike since 2016. I’m sure Peloton was handing out awards in 2016 and 2017. On the other hand, I see no evidence of them in my profile.

2018 Peloton badges

Final thoughts on how to get Peloton badges

I’d mentioned at the top that I hoped I would answer all of your questions about badges. However, if I didn’t, please let me know by posting a comment below. I’ll do some research and either get back to you or update this article–or both!