How to Search for Peloton Classes

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I decided to write this article on how to search for Peloton classes because it just got a lot easier. That is, Peloton finally added the ability to search on the Peloton website. Previously, you could only use the search feature on the Peloton hardware–that would be the Bike, the Bike Plus or the Tread.

Unfortunately, you still cannot use the search function on the Peloton app on your phone. Also, that functionality does not exist on a Smart TV like my Roku.

However, I think it’s good news that Peloton has added this to the website. I would hope that searching for classes on these remaining devices isn’t too far in the future.

Why write about searching for Peloton classes

So, why would someone want the ability to search for Peloton classes? Because, for example, they might be in the mood for a certain artist’s music while they work out. Or, maybe they’re simply curious if there are any Peloton classes with a favorite artist. On the other hand maybe someone wants to take a specific kind of class, such as tabata or HIIT.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how to search for Peloton classes–on the hardware and on the website. In addition, I want to explain how to search the most common ways that people like you and me do. And that would be by artist or class theme.

Finally, Peloton used to have a spyglass to indicate how to search. Thankfully, they recently updated this so that when you go to search, you see a traditional search “bar” on the screen..

How to search for Peloton classes

As I mentioned in the introduction, the search function exists only on the Peloton hardware (Bike, Bike Plus and Tread) and, most recently, on the website. There are other ways to search, if you will, for what you’re looking for in classes, rides and whatnot. But this involves using the filter that you can find on the bikes, Tread, website, app and Smart TVs.

I explained all of that in detail in my blog post about Peloton Theme Rides, Runs and Classes. So I would suggest you check out that post, too. 

But this post is devoted to the true search functionality of typing in a term and looking for results. I’ll talk you through how to search for Peloton classes by music, song, artist and class type. So, let’s dive in.

Where to find the search bar on Peloton

As I mentioned, Peloton doesn’t have a search bar, per se. Instead, it uses a magnifying glass. However, you may not know where to find it. 

On the hardware (Tread, Bike and Bike Plus), you have to go to Classes first. Then, once you’re on the Classes screen, you can look for the magnifying glass.

With this new search functionality on the website, here is how you get to that. One, go to the Peloton website. Click on the outline of a person and then My Membership and then Take Classes. On the class homepage, underneath the banner that shows upcoming live classes, you’ll see the magnifying glass to the far right. It’s on the same line as the phrase “Browse Classes,” which is on the far left. 

How to search on Peloton bike

Once you log in, here are the steps to take to search on a Peloton bike.

  1. On the bottom of the screen, tap Classes
  2. On the next screen look in the upper left corner for Collections.
  3. Tap Collections
  4. Scroll down to choose which series of classes you want to take

There are two other ways to find music themed classes on the Bike, Bike Plus or Tread.

  1. Follow the steps above to get to Classes
  2. Look in the upper right hand corner for Filters
  3. Tap Filters
  4. Choose Music
  5. Select the genre you want

The third and final way to find music themed classes on the Bike, Bike Plus or Tread is as follows.

  1. Follow the steps above to get to Classes
  2. Look for the search window
  3. Type in the music genre, decade or musical artist

Your results will show as a group of music artists (if you searched by genre or decade) and also the classes that either have that theme or include at least one tune by the musical artist.

Peloton Music Search

So, let’s say that you want to search for Peloton classes by a genre of music. How would you do that? It’s easier than you think.

For example, you’ve probably read that I first became a fan of instructor Christine D’Ercole because of her New Wave Wednesdays weekly classes she’d offered in 2017, the year after I got my bike. Hey, I went to high school and college in the 80s. Can you blame me?

Searching for New Wave music in Peloton classes

Anyway, I know that Christine is still doing New Wave classes. So, if I wanted to search for ANY class with new wave music, here’s what I’d do. Find the search bar. Type in New Wave and hit enter. 

My New Wave search results show classes by not only Christine but also Leanne Hainsby, a London instructor. It also brought up New Wave yoga classes with Kirra Michel, which I had no idea existed. There’s also a New Wave run with Selena Samuela. So, all in all, the results are pretty thorough and expansive across class types.

To start a new search by music type, you don’t have to click back to the search page. Instead, go to the top, highlight and delete the phrase you just used and type in a new one. 

Search Peloton Classes by Artist

When I did a Peloton Search by an artist, I discovered something interesting. If you searched for an artist that was part of the Artist Series or had a themed class, you got two kinds of results.

One, you got a box at the top that told you how many classes featured that artist’s music. Two, the search results showed you the themed class featuring that artist’s music exclusively.

Searching for Artists Series classes

So, for example, I decided to search for Grateful Dead music. One of my favorite cool down rides is a five-minute one with Denis Morton (the long hair version) to the Grateful Dead’s “Touch of Gray.”

When I typed in Grateful Dead into the search bar, I got two types of results. One, a box telling me that there are 146 classes featuring Grateful Dead music. Two, all of the Grateful Dead theme classes. That is, Grateful Dead is in the name of the class.

So, what are these classes? There were five of them.

  • Jenn Sherman Grateful Dead ride (there are two of them)
  • Denis Morton Grateful Dead Yoga Flow
  • Andy Speer Grateful Dead Run
  • Kristin McGee Grateful Dead Yoga Flow

Grateful Dead Cycling Clothing

Search for Peloton classes by song

So, can you search Peloton classes by song? Unfortunately, you cannot. Also, you can’t search by playlist.

However, you can search by Artist. Then, you can click on the results to see which classes contain songs by those artists. 

Search by artist to find songs

So, for example, my favorite band in the 80s was Squeeze. If I search Squeeze on the Peloton website, my results show 14 classes have music by Squeeze.

If I did this search on my Peloton bike, it would not only tell me that there are 14 classes but it would show me which ones they are. In other words, my results would be the box and the actual list of classes with those Squeeze songs in them.

However, on the website search results, here’s what happens when I click on the results in the box that says, “Squeeze, 14 classes.” It brings up the classes that have Squeeze music in them. Then, underneath the class description is the name of the Squeeze song in the class. So, the same results I would have gotten on the bike, just with an extra step.

In this instance, the 14 classes were primarily cycling classes with Jenn Sherman and Christine D’Ercole. They either had the song “Tempted” or “Pulling Mussels (From the Shell).”

In addition to these cycling classes, there was one yoga class with Kristin McGee in the results. Her class also featured “Tempted.”

Finally, there was one run with Bec Gentry. And I was super impressed that it included Squeeze’s “Cool for Cats,” one of my faves!

Peloton Class Search by Artist Series

As I’ve explained you can search by specific musical artist and get two types of results. One, the number of classes that feature that artist’s music. And, two, the specific classes that might have been a themed class featuring that artist alone.

What I was surprised to learn is that you can actually search by Artist Series. I mean, the phrase artist series. 

This brings up themed classes by musical artists when they’re part of the Artist Series. These are the same classes you would find under Collections if you were to use that filter to find classes.

So, when I typed in the phrase artist series into the magnifying glass on the website, my results were theme classes by different artists. My results appeared in reverse chronological order.

How the EMINEM artist series appear in my class search

For example, as of this writing, Peloton had just released the EMINEM series. So these were some of the most recent artist series classes that appeared in my results.

Without even typing in ENIMEN, I got an EMINEM cycling class with Denis Morton (which I took and loved). I also got an EMINEM Tread Bootcamp with Adrian Williams and an EMINEM core strength class with Robin Arzon. Finally, my results included the new boxing series with Selena Samuela, Kendall Toole and Rad Lopez, all featuring EMINEM music.

Peloton Class Search

Another way you can search for Peloton classes is by theme of the class. Not the theme of the music but the kind of class you want to take.

For example, let’s say you want to see the various kinds of bootcamps you can take. Enter bootcamp into the search bar, and you get dozens and dozens of Tread Bootcamp classes and Bike Bootcamp classes.

Here is my blog post that reviews Peloton bootcamp classes.

Refining your search

These bike and Tread bootcamp classes often have musical themes. The search function lets you add another term to bootcamp to filter down your results.

For example, when I added 90s–so it said “bootcamp 90s” (without quote marks)–and hit enter, I was able to see all of the 90s bootcamp classes on the Tread and the Bike. It even included 90s bootcamp classes that were rock or hip hop themed. So, pretty specific. 

Drawbacks of the class search function on the Peloton website

Since the ability to search for Peloton classes on the website was introduced in February 2022, I’ve been noodling around with this new tool. Unfortunately, I discovered its limitations very quickly.

For example, the website shows all of the Peloton classes you can take (save for Just Ride, Scenic Rides and the Audio-Only Outdoors Classes). This includes cycling. However, when I typed in HIIT on the website search, it only brought up HIIT cardio and HIIT strength classes. 

I know that there are HIIT classes on the bike. But none of them showed up. 

Where the filter works better than the Peloton class search

Now maybe because when you search for classes using the filter, you have to choose Intervals to find those HIIT classes. It’s the same with the filter when you want to find Tabata rides. Choose Intervals, then you have to scroll for Tabata.

But here’s the weird part: when I put Tabata into the search bar on the website, it brought up the Tabata cycling classes. If I search using the term Intervals on the website, I get both Intervals runs on the Tread and Intervals and Arms classes on the bike. In addition, the HIIT and Tabata rides show up, too. 

Search for Peloton classes by instructor not available

Another drawback of the search is the fact that you cannot search by instructor name. This really surprised me. Considering so many instructors teach across disciplines–Denis Morton teaches cycling, stretch, strength and yoga, for example–I would have thought that Peloton would have coded search so instructor names work. Nope, they don’t.

How to search on the Peloton app

You may be wondering how you can search for classes on the Peloton app, or how to search by artist on the Peloton app. Unfortunately, you can’t. 

The only way to even come close to searching on the app is to go into Collections and scroll. Or, to go into the specific discipline of class you want to take–cardio or cycling, for example–and then use the filter to choose a musical theme or class type. 

How to find Artist Series on Peloton app

We’ve already established that the Peloton app does not have a search bar at this time. That means, as I mentioned above, the only way to search in the app is by going to Collections.

Specifically, if you want to find the various Peloton artist series using the app, you have to go to Collections. As of this writing, the Artist Series Collection is the third one down on the app. So, it doesn’t involve a lot of scrolling. Right now there are 500+ classes in that Artists Series Collection. 

When you click on the Artist Series in the app, classes will appear in reverse chronological order. In this instance you will have to scroll quite a bit if the Artists Series you seek was from a long time ago.

How to search for new Peloton boxing classes

FYI, if you’re looking for the new boxing classes, here are two things you need to know. One, Peloton is calling it Shadowboxing. And, two, you’ll find those classes in Strength. Use the filter for Class Type to choose Shadowboxing.

Another option is to use the search box on the website. Make sure you type in Shadowboxing to find the actual boxing classes.

Because if you make the mistake that I did and just type boxing, sure you’ll get a boxing stretch class with Selena Samuela and a boxing warm up class with Rad Lopez. But you’ll also get Boxing Day classes with London instructors on the bike and Tread. This includes a Boxing Day run with Joslyn Thompson Rule and Boxing Day rides with Ben Alldis and Hannah Frankson. 

These Peloton boxing classes are part of the Boxing Program on Peloton. This is my article that explains how Peloton programs work. Also, as soon as I finish the Boxing Program, I’ll be writing a review of my experience with the classes.

Final thoughts on how to search for Peloton classes

I’m super excited to share these search tips with you, especially now that you can search for classes on the Peloton website. My hope is that, soon enough, you’ll be able to search on the Peloton app, too. And it would be wonderful if the Peloton channel on my Roku TV offered search at some point as well.

If I’ve missed anything about searching for Peloton classes or you still have questions about how this all works, please post a comment and let me know. And if my hoped-for searching ability on the app and the Roku ever come to fruition, I will update this blog post accordingly.

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