Peloton HIIT Classes

What are Peloton HIIT classes? Well, before I answer that, let me explain what HIIT stands for.

HIIT is this:

  • High
  • Intensity
  • Interval
  • Training

Thus, HIIT.

What kind of Peloton classes are HIIT?

As far as what kinds of Peloton classes fall into the HIIT category, you’ll find them in the following disciplines

  • cardio
  • cycling
  • running

You can use the Peloton search feature to find these classes. Just use the term “HIIT.”

What is HIIT vs Tabata?

Both Tabata and HIIT are interval classes or workouts.

Every Tabata class is technically a HIIT class. However, not all HIIT classes are Tabata classes.

As I explain in the article about Peloton Tabata classes, Tabata is much more specific in how those high-intensity intervals are organized. That is, you are doing a 2 to 1 ratio of work. So, if you push for 20 seconds, then you rest for 10 seconds. If you push for 40 seconds, you rest for 20 seconds. And so on.

On the other hand, while a HIIT workout may have elements of Tabata in it–a ratio of work to recovery, it is not as specific.

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In HIIT classes, intervals and recovery periods can be of varying lengths.

Here’s another difference with HIIT vs. Tabata on Peloton. All Tabata classes are rides.

However, not all HIIT classes are rides. In fact, some Peloton HIIT workouts are runs while others are straight out cardio. Some HIIT classes even use weights.

By and large, though, you’ll find the greatest number of HIIT workouts in the Peloton rides.

Cycling HIIT and Hills

One of the most common HIIT rides you’ll find on Peloton are called HIIT and Hills ride. These rides are just what they sound like–they’re a combination of HIIT and climb rides.

So, if you take a HIIT and Hills ride, you can expect to spend a portion of the ride doing high-intensity interval training. Then the rest of the class will be slower climbs with heavy resistance. They’re harder than they sound but so worth the effort.

How common are HIIT and Hills rides? While writing this article, I used the Peloton search feature for the phrase “HIIT and Hills ride.” And the results were astounding.

In the past week alone, instructors have taught six HIIT and Hills rides. That’s almost one a day.

Instructors from the Peloton London Studios as well as Peloton Studios New York teach these HIIT cycling classes. That means you’ll find these rides in both English and German. However, I didn’t find any in Spanish. Maybe that will change with Camila Ramon teaching more cycling classes in Spanish.

When it comes to class lengths, there are only two choices. One, 30 minutes. Or, two, 45 minutes.

I’ve been riding Peloton since 2016 and I’m not sure I’ve ever taken a 45-minute HIIT and Hills. It sounds so intense, right?

Also, keep in mind that many of the cycling bootcamps likely have a HIIT element when you’re on the bike. So you can always change things up by taking those classes, which I absolutely love. Don’t worry–you do have enough time to change out of your cycling shoes for the floor portion of class.

Peloton intervals classes

Another way to get the HIIT experience without actually taking a HIIT class is to go for the Peloton intervals classes. You can use the search feature (again) to find them by searching for “intervals.”

In your results you’ll see tons of different options, including some interval classes you can take on the Peloton app outdoors. While writing this article and searching for intervals, here were some of the classes that came up:

  • Intervals and arms cycling class
  • Extra 10: Intervals ride
  • Intervals run

Best HIIT classes for beginners

While Peloton doesn’t have “beginner” HIIT classes, per se, that doesn’t mean that those new to Peloton (or HIIT) can try these kinds of workouts.

For example, there are a few HIIT classes that are part of the “Extra 10” program that Peloton introduced in late 2022. Two are 10-minute HIIT runs (if that’s your jam), and as of this writing, there is one Extra 10: HIIT ride on the bike.

And, as I explained above with the interval classes, you can find a bunch of Extra 10: Intervals rides. These will definitely give you a taste of interval work that you can expect in a HIIT class.

In addition, there are a number of shorter-duration HIIT classes, if longer classes terrify you (like they do me).

For instance, Callie Gullickson has a 10-minute HIIT cardio class with weights. A few other of the strength instructors also have HIIT cardio classes that are only 10 -minutes long.

On the other hand, you’ll find plenty of 15-minute HIIT rides as well as 20-minute HIIT classes. If you ease your way into taking interval classes, I think you’ll be fine.

Accessories for HIIT workouts

You’re going to get sweaty doing HIIT rides and classes. Therefore, you might want a fan that mounts on your bike.

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Also, you’ll want sweat towels.

Here are some of my favorites.