Peloton Broadway Series

My daughters just saw the show Six this past weekend so were thrilled to learn that the Peloton Broadway series now included Six classes. Not familiar with the Broadway series on Peloton?

Well, let me explain. Over the years Peloton has put together a series of rides and other classes featuring the music from Broadway shows.

Of course, you might hear a show tune in a class here or there. But what I’m talking about are classes built entirely around the soundtrack from a specific show.

For example, one of the first Broadway-themed classes I ever took was a 30-minute Hamilton ride with Robin Arzon. I took it live on October 14, 2020.

How do I know when I took it? I downloaded my workout history and searched for it.

Also, I recall taking a Hannah Corbin class years ago that featured all of the shows that had received Tony nominations. However, because the class wasn’t billed at that time as a Broadway-specific ride, I can’t find it now in my workout history.

Peloton Broadway Series

I’m getting off track, though. Let me get back to the purpose of this article: explaining the Broadway series of classes on Peloton.

peloton broadway series featured pin

When I first started with Peloton in 2016, anything that Peloton did with Broadway show tunes was in the form of rides. However, as you know, Peloton has expanded its class offerings to many more disciplines in the past few years.

Now you can find Broadway flows, Broadway strength classes and, of course, Broadway rides. There’s even a Broadway collection of classes under Peloton collections.

What is the Peloton Broadway collection

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As I explained in my article about Peloton collections, the Broadway Collection is simply a bunch of Peloton classes that fall under the Broadway theme. However, there are a lot of faults with how Peloton puts these collections together.

One, there is no organization for them. Most appear in reverse chronological order. 

There is no filter or search bar, at least on the app. So, to find a class you want to take, you need to scroll and scroll. 

peloton broadway series

Two, if you are looking at Collections on a piece of Peloton hardware (bike, Tread or Row), then you can only see classes in the Collection from that discipline. Conversely, if you search in the app, you can see classes for all disciplines. That’s except for the rower, which content is still exclusive to that machine.

Three, the Collection doesn’t always update in real time. Sure, the classes for a specific show, such as Six, mentioned at the top, are there.

However, in the fall, a bunch of instructors lead Broadway-themed classes. I’ve posted a picture here of a search for “Broadway” on the Peloton website. None of these classes appear in the Collection.

broadway classes and soundtracks peloton

Which Broadway shows appear in classes

From the search results I’ve shown above, you can see that Peloton returns information in two ways when I want to see Broadway classes.

One, across the top are the groupings of shows that the Peloton search algorithm identified by musical artists. Based on my results, it says that Peloton has Broadway classes for the following Broadway shows:

  • Aladdin
  • American Idiot
  • Cats
  • Dear Evan Hansen
  • Hadestown
  • Hamilton
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Waitress

Unfortunately, that’s not accurate. Because when I clicked on the box that showed the result for Phantom of the Opera (which I mistakenly thought was How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying), it brought me to a Kristin McGee yoga flow with a bunch of Broadway tunes.

Sure, the class included something from Phantom of the Opera. But, also, there were songs from Cabaret and many other shows. So, it’s hardly perfect.

Second, you’ll also notice generic “Broadway” rides and walks in those results. However, if you toggle over to the Broadway Collections, these classes aren’t shown. It’s so weird.

Which Broadway shows appear in Collections

As of right now, the Broadway shows that appear in Collections appear to be classes with songs only from one show. Those shows are, in alphabetical order:

  • Dear Evan Hansen
  • Hamilton
  • In the Heights
  • Mamma Mia
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Rent
  • Six
  • Wicked

However, there are outliers. For example, the Broadway Series Collection contains Andrew Lloyd Webber classes. 

Based on the shirts instructors are wearing, I assumed it would be all Phantom of the Opera. I would be wrong.

One yoga flow, for example, includes music from Sunset Boulevard, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Cats and School of Rock. Yes, those are all shows by Andrew Lloyd Webber but it really doesn’t fit the theme of the other Broadway series classes. Go figure.

Peloton Broadway Rides

As I mentioned most of the Broadway classes you’re going to find are Peloton rides. For example, when I search for classes on the Peloton website using the term Broadway, I get rides going back to 2020.

Sure, there are Broadway fun runs and Broadway yoga flows and a Broadway bootcamp, but the majority of classes are cycling classes. 

If you want to do the same search in the Peloton app, you can’t. It sucks that you can’t search on the app.

Even so, I thought maybe you might be able to filter by music type. However, Broadway isn’t one of the choices. Maybe Peloton ought to add it in. 

Search by Broadway show

Finally, you can try to search for classes by your favorite Broadway show. One of my favorites is Hamilton. I was lucky enough to see it in Pittsburgh in 2019 at the Benedum Center.

hamilton in pittsburgh

So, when I plugged in Hamilton into the search bar, I got two kinds of results. One, I get those three Hamilton classes from the Broadway series. They are a Hamilton ride, run and yoga flow.

Two, I get a box at the top letting me know that there are 70 classes with music from Hamilton in them. When I click on that box, here’s what happens.

broadway hamilton classes peloton search results

I get the results with those aforementioned Hamilton series classes. However, it also shows me the other classes with Hamilton music in it.

Plus, it shows me which songs from Hamilton are in the class and how many there are all together. 

For example, the Ally Love Black History Month (BHM) Broadway ride shows the song “Wait for It” plus one more song. When I click on the class and view the playlist, I can see that the other Hamilton song is “Satisfied.”

You can see from the photo I’ve included here that “Satisfied” is a popular song choice among Peloton instructors.

Speaking Hamilton, here’s what the original Hamilton cast is up to lately.

Did I miss explaining anything about Peloton Broadway rides or other classes? If so, let me know.