What are Peloton Milestones

I’ve just updated this blog post on Peloton milestones. Recently, I celebrated some big milestones myself.

One, I hit ride 1,600 during a live, in-studio Power Zone Endurance ride with Denis Morton.

Two, the next day, also in the studio, I had my 500th walk. It was a 30-minute Country Walk with Marcel Dinkins.

Finally, later that day I took my 650th strength class, again in the New York Peloton studios.

This time it was a 20-minute glutes and legs class with Logan Aldridge.


Probably almost as soon as you got your bike or Tread or logged onto the Peloton app, you found yourself asking, “What are Peloton milestones?”

That’s because during a class you heard an instructor say something like, “Wow, we’ve got a lot of milestones today. I hope I can get to everyone” or something such.

I know that on some of my first Peloton rides, I was unsure what this milestone business was all about.

Instructors were throwing out “Happy 50th” or “Happy 200th” like it was someone’s birthday.

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They were also wishing people Happy Birthday, but I’ll get to that later.

what are peloton milestones

I soon discovered that instructors were wishing all this happiness in something called a shout out.

And when you reach certain milestones on your Peloton, you (usually) get a shout-out from the instructor leading the class.

So what are the Peloton milestones

If you’ve ever wondered what the Peloton milestones are or which ones you’ve achieved, all you have to do is look at the tablet on your bike or Tread.

Or in the Peloton app to see which achievements you’ve reached.

To do this you’ll go to your Profile. Look for Recent Achievements.

peloton milestones recent achievements

There you’ll see the “badges” you’ve earned for completing a certain number of classes or rides.

You’ll likely see other badges, too, but let’s focus on classes for now.

Here is my article that explains how to earn Peloton badges throughout the year.

Milestone for number of Peloton classes

Each of your milestones will be broken out by the category of classes you’ve taken.

These are the most common milestones that riders reach.

These increments are the same, regardless of classes you take.

You’ll receive badges in your profile when you hit the following milestones:

  • 1
  • 10
  • 25
  • 50
  • 75
  • 100
  • 150
  • 200
  • 250
  • 300
  • 350
  • 400
  • 450
  • 500
  • 600
  • 700
  • 800
  • 900
  • 1K
  • 1500
  • 2K
  • 2500
  • 3K
  • 3500
  • 4K
  • 4500
  • 5K

How Peloton milestones add up

It’s important to point out a few things within this milestone structure.

First, milestones in increments of 25 happen only before ride 100.

After that, they go up by increments of 50.

That is until you hit ride 500.

Then they go up by 100s until your 1,000th ride or your Millennium ride.

After that, you get a badge for every 500 rides.

peloton milestone ride 950

So when I hit 1,600 classes or rides like I did earlier this month?

Yup, you (and I) won’t get another achievement badge until I complete 2,000 or 2K rides!

But you will get a special reminder message before that big millennium milestone, which I hit in 2020.

peloton 1000 rides millennium milestone

Instructors can see all milestones 

Second, even though there isn’t a badge, per se, for ride 750, for example, instructors can still see that achievement during a live class.

Therefore, it’s possible for you to get your shout out for reaching that landmark, even if no “reward” shows up in your profile afterwards.

Getting high fives for milestones

Finally, if you happen to be taking a milestone ride On Demand–meaning, it’s not a live class–obviously, you can’t get an instructor shout out.

However, other people in the class get notifications when someone joins the class and has reached a certain accomplishment.

This gives them the opportunity to give you a high five instead.

So, no shout out but at least you get some recognition for what you’ve achieved.

Therefore, if you log onto an On Demand class for a milestone ride and the high fives start coming in fast and furious, you’ll know why!

No milestone notification when riding live

Additionally, it’s important to understand that the opposite is not true. That is, if you’re riding LIVE for a milestone, none of the other riders are notified like they are during an On Demand class.

So, don’t expect that same flurry of high fives.

I know so many people get so disappointed that they didn’t get tons of high fives during a milestone ride done live.

But that’s because they don’t understand this distinction.

Milestone shoutout hack

That’s why I recommend you try this Peloton milestone shoutout hack.

Before you get on your live milestone ride, go into your Profile and change your location.

Change it to reflect whatever milestone ride you’re about to take.

Add in a few emojis to catch peoples’ eyes, such 🎉 or 🙌 or 🎈.

Whenever I see a location changed to a milestone go by me on the Leaderboard, I always send out a high five.

high fives for Peloton milestone

Peloton milestones for consistent workouts

In addition to “rewarding” you for the number of rides or classes taken, Peloton also celebrates your accomplishments based on how often you’re working out.

They call these streaks.

Streaks appear in your profile as a blue rectangle (daily streaks) or a blue semi-circular stamp or symbol (weekly streaks).

Maybe you’ve seen this when you booted up your bike and saw a message like in the picture below. “You’ve got a 115-week streak going.”

peloton weekly streak

There are two kinds of streaks.

One, there is the daily streak.

And, two, there is the weekly streak.

However, with this latter streak, you also get into yearly streaks.

Daily streak accomplishments

There are a limited number of daily streaks that you can earn. They are:

  • 3-Day Streak
  • 5-Day Streak
  • 7-Day Streak
  • 10-Day Streak
  • 20-Day Streak
  • 30-Day Streak
  • 45-Day Streak
  • 60-Day Streak

I once had a 90-day streak going and I was so bummed that I didn’t earn any additional accolades for this.

I mean, I knew I’d worked out for three months straight.

And that’s awesome all on its own.

But it was a bit disappointing that no more daily streak “tokens” would be forthcoming.

FYI, if you take a ride On Demand and you’ve got a daily streak going, expect to receive a ton of high fives.

Peloton will alert other riders of your achievement.

Weekly streak achievements

Just like daily streaks, Peloton will reward you for working out regularly each week.

You don’t have to work out every day in a week to earn a weekly streak landmark.

As long as you use your Peloton at least once in that calendar week, your streak keeps going. Right now I’ve got a 227-week streak going.

That means it’s been more than four years that I’ve let a week go by without riding my Peloton cycle, or doing yoga, or a stretch or meditation class or something else using the app.

For more about Peloton Rewards, this article about the referral program will help.

As far as how the weekly streaks go that earn you a badge, here’s the breakdown:

  • 3-Week Streak
  • 5-Week Streak
  • 10-Week Streak
  • 20-Week Streak
  • 30-Week Streak
  • 40-Week Streak
  • 52-Week Streak (badge actually says 1 YR)
  • 60-Week Streak
  • 70-Week Streak
  • 80-Week Streak
  • 90-Week Streak
  • 104-Week Streak (badge says 2 YR)
  • 125-Week Streak
  • 156-Week Streak (badge says 3 YR)
  • 175-Week Streak
  • 208-Week Streak (badge says 4 YR)
daily weekly peloton streaks milestones

This blog post is devoted entirely to Peloton theme rides, runs, classes and workouts.

However, Peloton keeps tabs on weekly streaks, beyond the badges you earn.

Like I said earlier, right now I’ve kept a weekly streak going for more than four years.

So every time I log into Peloton, it reminds me of how long this streak has gone on.

That keeps me motivated to keep coming back.

Here is my article all about Peloton challenges.

Peloton milestone stickers

While you can earn badges on your Peloton profile for each milestone you reach, lots of people like to decorate their Peloton space with other reminders.

For example, I’ve had a lot of people ask me about Peloton milestone stickers. If you’re looking for actual stickers to put on your bike, check out what I found for milestone stickers on Etsy!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Also, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

You get milestones for all the Peloton classes you take

Most people are the most familiar with the concept of the Century Ride. That would be your ride or class number 100.

In reality a century ride is a 100-mile ride but on Peloton, they use a different century calculation. You celebrate a century when you hit 100 rides or take your 100th class, not “travel” 100 miles.

Anyway, when I first got my bike in 2016, the only century you could get was on the bike. Now, though, there is so much more to the Peloton than just a cycle.

There is the Peloton Tread. There is Peloton yoga and the rower. And, there is Peloton strength on the app among other kinds of classes. Each of these disciplines has its own “century” to celebrate.

Here is my review of the Peloton app.

For example, when I hit 100 classes in Peloton yoga, Ross Rayburn gave me a shout out. But he said something like “100 practices to Leah is Pawsome” or something like that.

That’s because when you “do” yoga, it’s actually called a “practice.” So I’ve heard 100 practices for yoga. I’ve also heard 100 classes for strength and 100 runs for the Tread.

peloton century yoga
peloton free classes

What about the Peloton Millennium milestone

The other big milestone that you can reach on your Peloton is the Millennium. That would be 1,000 rides or 1,000 classes.

Basically, it’s the only other class “achievement” that has a fancy name. Some people call it joining the comma club, because there is a comma in 1,000.

Or, Century and Millennium.


Now that Peloton has ended the Century Club shirt program (see above), they have started selling clothing for milestones through the Peloton boutique. As of this writing, there is clothing for 100 and 1,000 milestones only.

Here is a blog post about Peloton gift ideas for all occasions.

Riding a milestone at Peloton

In the past, it was a big deal to get to the studio to be able to ride or run in person on your milestone day. I did this at least once. In addition, if you couldn’t get to the New York or London studio, you could ride your milestone at a Peloton showroom.

For example, I took my 900th ride at the Peloton Pittsburgh showroom, which was the closest one to me, right after New Year’s 2020. I was supposed to ride 950 live in the studio with Matt Wilpers in February 2020, but it was canceled.

peloton heart rate monitor

As I mentioned at the top of this article, in the fall I visited PSNY. There, I had three milestone classes:

  • Ride 1,600
  • 650th strength class
  • Walk 500

Other ways to get a shout out

So how do you get a Peloton shout out? Well, I’ve already covered the milestone rides and classes extensively. When you hit a certain number of classes, you can hope for a shout out.

But, to be honest, now that there are classes with thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people riding live, your odds of getting a shout out have decreased significantly. So, ride your milestone ride for you, not for the shout out.

Get a shoutout for your birthday

The other way you can hope to get a shout out is to ride on your birthday.

Pro tip: make sure you’ve got your gender and your age opted into your profile. I learned the hard way, once on my birthday.

Because I didn’t have that showing, there was no way for the instructor to know it was my birthday. So, I didn’t get a birthday shout out.

Perhaps one of my favorite birthday shout outs comes from Denis Morton. He always congratulates people on another lap around the sun. So cool. Finally, look on Peloton instructors’ social media feeds for shout outs.

Instructor Christine D’Ercole is really good about filming milestones before class and then added them to her Instagram stories.

Update: I’m planning to take classes at PSNY in December for my birthday. I’ll keep you updated on any shoutouts I get there. So far I’ve confirmed for one class on my special day.

Frustrations with achievement milestones

One of the things I really wish the Peloton interface had was a way to see which day and in which class you reached certain milestones. Like I wish I could tap the badge on my tablet or touchscreen, and it would automatically tell me this information.

For example, I remember clearly what day I rode my ride 450. I was in the studio with Christine D’Ercole. I can look on my calendar and see what date it was, and I know it was a 60-minute class. She gave me a shout out, too.

Clearly, I can remember her saying, “Where is Leah is Pawsome?” and me busting into a smile from the second row. But I don’t remember which class it was. And, sadly, that ride was purged soon thereafter during the great ridge purge of 2019. So, I’ll never know. Well, at least I have the picture I took with her afterwards.

Here is my blog post with tips on keeping a Peloton daily or weekly streak going.

peloton instructor quotes
The day of my 450th ride at the old Peloton studios. Photo credit: PSNY.

Sidebar: Downloading your Peloton data

You may not realize that it’s possible to download your Peloton data. Why would you want to do that?

Well, for example, if you want to figure out when your “pelo-versary” is. That would be the anniversary of your first Peloton ride.

One year I was curious to know when mine was. I mean, I knew we’d gotten the bike in November 2016. And at first I wasn’t interested.

But, I wondered, when did I actually take my first ride? Well, here’s how you find out.

First, head to the Peloton website. Second, log in under “My Membership.” Then, use the menu to find “Profile” and click on that. Third, you’ll see three tabs:

  • Overview
  • Workouts
  • Achievements

Tap Workouts

On the top right of the screen, you’ll see an oblong button that says “Download Workouts.” Finally, download your workouts.

All of the information will go into a CSV document, which you can open in Excel. From there you can see when your peloversary is, based on that first ride (mine is 12/18/16).

In addition, you can use this Excel spreadsheet to add up or get a sum of all the miles you’ve ridden since that first class (I’m at 9,293.31 miles) and even the number of calories you’ve burned.

Mine is 294,973. Wow.

Finally, I was able to use that Excel spreadsheet to find that aforementioned 450th ride with Christine on February 17, 2019. It was a 60-minute 80s ride.

By the way, for an accurate count of your calories burned, always wear a heart-rate monitor when you ride. See the image below for an explanation of that.

I recommend the Scosche HRM.

peloton heart rate monitor

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    1. On the bike and Tread, you should see this notifications where you see high fives. They also appear on the app on your phone or tablet, but are so small, they’re impossible to see. Hope that helps.

  1. Your milestone shout-out numbers are very inaccurate. Every 100 beyond 1000 still counts. I’ve had several shout-outs for ride numbers not on your list.

    1. I believe my point was that you don’t get BADGES for the off numbers, not shout outs. But I’ll go back and review my blog post to ensure that’s what I’ve actually said. If not, I’ll edit my work and thank you for pointing that out.