What Goes on Sale in January

I was shocked to discover how many items go on sale in January. I mean, I always knew about certain January sales.

For example, after the holidays, you can get great deals on Christmas, Chanukah and other items. In addition, those markdowns often continue into January.

However, last year’s Christmas lights or Chanukah wrapping paper are hardly the only things that are on sale in January. In fact, I’ve found a handful of items where January is the best time to buy them.

Why? Because they tend to be marked down the most than any other time in the year.

So, below I’ve highlighted the best stuff to buy in January. Plus, whenever possible, I’ve included specific sales at retailers for this year. 

What goes on sale in January

Here is a list of what you can expect to be on sale in January. This is pretty much true every year.

With regard to each of these January sales, I’ll explain where you can go to get the best prices on all of this stuff. 

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Christmas and other December holiday supplies

Yes, believe it or not, the day after Christmas isn’t the only time to find great prices on holiday supplies. For example, in January I visited my local CVS and guess what I found?

CVS still had plenty of Christmas items, marked down 50%. They were close to where the store was putting out Valentine’s Day candy and more.

christmas wrapping paper on sale in january at cvs
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Personally, I think that, come January, stores should be reducing prices by more than 50%. So, definitely shop around for the best discounts.

Winter clothing

A friend of mine is in the market for a new winter coat. She’s been stalking the LL Bean website daily so she can keep tabs on coat prices.

While a lot of winter gear is already on sale at LL Bean, she’s still not ready to pull the trigger and buy. One of the things she learned is that LL Bean now has daily deals.

Called the Daily Markdown, LL Bean does this in two categories.

One, there is the Two a Day Daily Markdown. It happens each day at 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. Eastern.

The Two a Day Daily Markdown at LL Bean is primarily clothing.

You never know what you’re going to find. So, create a reminder on your phone to check.

And, two, there is a second Daily Markdown. This one is exclusively on travel and outdoors gear. 

That could include coats, right? LL Bean unveils this deal at 6 a.m. Eastern as well.

This article focuses exclusively on explaining the LL Bean daily markdown.

LL Bean isn’t the only store that puts winter clothing on sale in January. I would recommend checking your favorite retailer.

Mine are Nordstrom and Target. In fact, I just scored V-neck cashmere sweaters from Nordstrom for a lot less than I would have paid for them in December. 

January sales on bedding and linens

Do you remember your mom talking about white sales in the winter? That has nothing to do with snow and, frankly, it’s become an archaic term.

But the premise behind these January sales remains. And that is bedding, towels and linens are often on sale in January. 

Finally, if you have a student going off to college in the fall, now would be a great time to stock up on dorm bedding and towels. As I’ve written many times, I believe Target has the best twin XL sheets for using in dorm rooms.

TVs on sale before the February big game

We all know that the big game aka The Super Bowl is in early February. Many Americans want to get a new TV in time for that Sunday evening affair.

So, retailers are smart and often offer great deals on TVs in January. 

To be honest, last year we bought two new Roku TVs and the prices were great, regardless of time of year. If you’re in the market for a new TV, I would strongly suggest looking at Roku TVs.

Not only do Rokus easily screencast with a Peloton, but also if you’ve been thinking of “cutting the cord,” this allows you to do it.

Sure, you’ll need to sign up for different streaming services to get local TV, if that’s important to you. But overall it’s so much cheaper than getting TV service from the traditional cable providers.

Here are the best things to buy in February.

Also, did you know that you can get electronics, home essentials, snacks and more from GO PUFF, in 30 minutes or quicker? Also, you can get $10 off First 5 Orders + FREE Delivery with GOPUFF coupon code WELCOME105.

Travel to certain destinations

When I checked my inbox before writing this article about January sales, I couldn’t believe how many emails I had from travel companies. They were all advertising deals on travel.

Maybe it’s because we Americans travel so much in November and December that they’re worried we won’t show up in January or later in the year. However, in January, here were some of the travel companies advertising deals and sales:

Keep in mind, many of these travel deals are for just a few days only. Or they have a hard stop expiration date on January 31.

Gym memberships and exercise gear

With so many people making New Year’s resolutions to get fit, you would think that gym prices and related items would be priced at their highest. You would be wrong.

Many gyms have super cheap prices to get you through the door. Then, once you’re signed up for a recurring monthly charge, they’ve got you. 

Also, you can find sales on exercise clothing and the like. For example, Zappos has been running sales on running shoes all through January. Most are one-day sales. 

However, one of the recent one-day sales had $60 off a $200 purchase. That’s not too shabby.

Also, online styling company Stitch Fix has a January-only deal. Between now and the end of the month, first-time Stitch Fix users can get $20 off an activewear box.

Finally, if you’re looking for deals on Peloton apparel, definitely check Sierra stores. I found this Peloton sports bra there for under $20.

whats on sale in january peloton clothing at sierra store

Final thoughts on what’s on sale in January

There are a couple of things I would not buy in January, because it’s considered high season. This would be bathing suits (yes, people still go to the Caribbean and other tropical locations in winter) and snowblowers. However, later on in the year is when you can find deals on those items.

Finally, with regard to good prices in February (which I’ll cover in a separate article), wait until after Valentine’s Day sales. Then, you can get great deals on candy, jewelry and more.