Peloton German and Spanish Classes

Did you know that Peloton offers classes in German and Spanish? First came the German classes. Then, Peloton added more multilingual instructors. So now there are Peloton classes in Spanish, too.

This article provides a rundown on where you can find these classes in German or Spanish. That includes the hardware, app and website. Plus, I’ll introduce you to the instructors teaching in German or Spanish.

Who teaches Peloton classes in German or Spanish

As of this writing (January 2023), Peloton employs 13 instructors who speak either German or Spanish. All also speak English.

In fact, Peloton has been adding more of their English-language classes to the schedule. For example, when I visited the Peloton Studios New York in Fall 2022, I got on the waitlist for Nico Sarani’s yoga class in English.


Also, if you look at taking classes at the Peloton London Studios, you’ll notice that the German instructors are teaching more in English. I’m guessing this is to meet the demand for in-person classes.

Peloton German instructors

All but one of the Peloton German instructors are based in London. As I just mentioned, German-speaking Nico Sarani teaches yoga and meditation out of the New York Studios.

However, should you visit the London Studios or take a German class filmed in the London Studios, these are the instructors you’ll experience:

Here’s an alphabetical list of instructors. Then, after that, I’ll include their names, broken out by their primary discipline.

  • Benny Adami
  • Assal Arian
  • Cliff Dwenger
  • Erik Jager
  • Mila Lazar
  • Marcel Maurer
  • Jeffrey McEachern
  • Mayla Wedekind
  • Charlotte Weidenbach

German-speaking Peloton cycling instructors in London

Here are the German-speaking instructors on the Peloton bike. FYI, I’ve heard that Cliff Dwenger’s EMINEM class was as good as, if not better, than the classes that were taught in English. I’ve got it bookmarked to take very soon.

  • Benny Adami
  • Cliff Dwenger
  • Erik Jager
  • Mila Lazar
  • Irene Scholz*
  • Mayla Wedekind
  • Charlotte Weidenbach
german peloton london bike instructors
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*Irene left Peloton in 2021 but some of her classes are still available On Demand

German-speaking Peloton Tread instructors in London

Here are the German-speaking instructors in the Peloton London studios who primarily teach on the Tread:

  • Marina Andresen*
  • Tobias Heinze
  • Jeffrey McEachern
  • Marcel Maurer
german peloton london tread instructors

*Marina left Peloton in December 2021.

German-speaking strength instructors in London

These are the London-based Peloton instructors who speak German and teach strength classes.

  • Benny Adami
  • Assal Arian
  • Cliff Dwenger
  • Erik Jager
  • Mila Lazar
  • Marcel Maurer
  • Jeffrey McEachern
  • Mayla Wedekind
  • Charlotte Weidenbach

Peloton programs in German

If you read my article explaining Peloton programs, then you know that these are collections of classes designed to teach you a new skill. Peloton doles out classes in a timed and organized fashion so you can’t speed through a program too fast.

Now, there are Peloton programs in German. They are:

  • Beginner yoga with Nico Sarani
  • Discover Strength with Assal Arian
  • You Can Ride (various German Peloton cycling instructors)
  • Total Strength with Erik Jager
  • You Can Run Outdoors with Marcel Maurer and Tobias Heinze
  • Strong Core, Strong Body with Irene Scholz

Peloton collections in German

Unlike programs, which have a rigid format, Peloton collections are just that: they are a collection of Peloton classes that fall under a certain theme.

As far as collections in German, I found just one. It is Welcome to Peloton Tread with Jeffrey McEachern and Marcl Maurer.

Peloton classes in Spanish

As of right now, there are three Peloton instructors teaching class in Spanish. They are:

  • Mariana Fernandez (yoga)
  • Camila Ramon (cycling, stretching, strength)
  • Rad Lopez (cardio, strength)

All three of these instructors teach out of the Peloton New York Studios. Also, they all teach in both English and Spanish.

Peloton collections in Spanish

While I could not find any Peloton programs in Spanish, I did find a Spanish Collection. Called En Espanol, it’s a collection of cross-training classes taught in Spanish with Mariana, Camila and Rad. It includes:

  • cycling
  • meditation
  • yoga
  • strength

How to find German or Spanish classes

It’s fairly easy to find the Peloton classes taught in German or Spanish. When you are searching for classes, you can use the filter to choose class language. Then, you can choose English, Spanish or German.

Important tip: you will have the option to choose all three languages each time. Then, if there isn’t a class in that language, you’ll get a grayed-out “No Classes” result.

Also, if you speak German or Spanish, you can always choose to enable subtitles in either language. You’ll do this in settings. Peloton refers to it as closed captions.

Turn on closed captions on Peloton app

Here are the steps to turn on closed captions on the Peloton app on a tablet or phone.

One, open the Peloton app. Two, on the bottom right corner of the screen, tap the three lines above the word “More.”

Three, on the next screen you’ll see a section called Account and then Preferences next to a gear symbol. Tap Preferences.

Four, on the Preferences screen scroll down to “Class Languages.” Tap Edit.

There you’ll see three options for class languages as well as subtitle options. In order to turn on or turn off subtitles, you will need to toggle the button to the right to turn that on for each of the different languages that classes are taught in: English, German and Spanish.

More about subtitles and closed captioning here.

setting captions on peloton app

No Peloton classes in German or Spanish

Despite the expansion of German- and Spanish-speaking instructors, there are still some Peloton classes that are offered in English only. As far as I can tell, they are:

  • Rowing content
  • Outdoor content (no Spanish classes)

However, you always have the option of turning on subtitles in these classes if you want to enjoy them in another language. This works for everything but the outdoor classes, since you’re not expected to look at a screen.

Did I miss anything about Peloton classes in German or Spanish? If so, post a comment and let me know.