Peloton Troubleshooting: Solutions to Common Problems

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At one point or another, every Peloton owner is going to need to do some cycle troubleshooting. It could be that you find that your bike won’t turn on. Or, you may notice that there is a clicking sound coming from your pedals, and you want to know if you need to worry about that.

Well, don’t worry. Because in this blog post I’m going to give you solutions to the most common Peloton cycle problems.

Think of this as your Peloton troubleshooting FAQ. Because hopefully whatever is troubling you about your bike, you’ll find answers to your questions here.

One last point before we dive right in. If you’ve owned your bike for under 12 months, it’s still under warranty. So, any issues you’re having with it, don’t try to troubleshoot it on your own. Call Peloton or chat with their customer service on the website. Take advantage of your warranty while it’s still good.

Troubleshooting when Peloton bike screen won’t turn on

Lots of people who end up with the problem of their Peloton bike screen not turning on end up having a power cord issue, too. So, how do you troubleshoot in this situation?

First, remember that a Peloton cycle is often a lot like your modem. You know, unplug it, count to 30, and plug it back in? Sometimes resetting your bike is as simple as that.

Second, it could be that your power cord is not pushed in all the way. When in doubt, pull it out, count to 30 and plug it back into the base of your bike.

Third, could you have blown a fuse? If you don’t have your bike plugged into a power strip, you should. Plugging the bike directly into the wall could leave it vulnerable to a power surge. And if a power surge is bad for a computer, it’s definitely bad for a Peloton bike, which is basically an Android computer.

FYI, I like power strips or surge protectors with a plug that lie flush to the wall. These are space-saving devices we learned about when we sent our daughters to college.

If all else fails, reach out to Peloton customer service about sending you a new power cord or tablet screen–or both.

How to turn on a Peloton bike

Going back to the basics, this is how you turn on a Peloton bike.

First, look at the back of the Peloton tablet screen.

Second, find the rectangular button towards the top of the back of the tablet. The button will be either gray or orange, depending on the age of your bike. On the Bike Plus, the Peloton power button to turn it on is round.

Third, press and hold down that power button until you see the screen start to turn on.

And that’s it. That’s how you turn on a Peloton bike and the Peloton Bike Plus–just by turning on the screen.

Replace the Peloton screen

Some older bikes may need a new screen. I just discovered that Peloton will sell you a new screen and throw in a new set of pedals for free. You can find more about how to order a new screen for your Peloton on this accessories page of the Peloton website.

Again, if you received your bike fewer than 12 months ago, it is still under warranty. Therefore, if you’re having issues with the screen not turning on, don’t buy a new screen. Reach out to Peloton customer service to have this addressed under the Peloton one-year warranty.

How to calibrate a Peloton bike

Here is a complete article on how to calibrate a Peloton bike.

When we moved in 2018, the movers transported our Peloton bike with great care. They removed the screen, wrapped it in bubble wrap, and wrapped the entire bike in moving blankets. It arrived at our new home looking brand new.

Except when I got onto the bike to ride. Everything felt hard. In rides resistance 40 felt as if I was pedaling through wet cement. Suddenly, riding my Peloton cycle was no longer fun. Clearly, my bike got knocked out of calibration during the move, and I needed to fix it.

Peloton bike calibration

Someone suggested I re-calibrate the Peloton bike to get the resistance levels back to where they should be. Turns out a calibration kit came with my bike when I bought it in 2016 so I could troubleshoot any calibrations problems on my own. I made a video, below, on how to calibrate your cycle.

Be forewarned, however. Calibrating isn’t a perfect science, and I’ll admit that after three tries, I mistakenly calibrated my bike to an easier-than-normal setting. Then I took an FTP test with the new, easier calibration, and now my power zones are crazy high.

Speaking of power zones, here is my new blog post on Peloton Power Zone.

I’d say that my bike is calibrated about 10 points higher than where it should be. At some point I want to calibrate it again back to “normal.” In fact, I’m going to have to since we recently bought a second Peloton bike–the Bike Plus–and I know it’s just going to be so much harder to ride. And it’s all my fault.

Peloton casting troubleshooting

One of the beautiful add ons–free add-ons, that is–with a Peloton bike is that you can cast your screen to a Smart TV. However, not every Smart TV will work with your cycle. I learned this the hard way when I tried to troubleshoot my way into getting my bike to cast to my new Vizio Smart TV.

Every time I selected cast my screen from settings, my Peloton would try to match up with the Roku TV in the living room. It was blind to the Vizio Smart TV sitting 10 feet away in my workout space.

Turns out not all Smart TVs can cast with a Peloton bike. Roku TVs can. So can Apple TVs. So can FireTVs. Some people use a Fire Stick or a ChromeCast stick to get the bike to cast to their TVs.

But as far as legit Smart TVs go, don’t even bother with the Vizio. I’m not sure why but it just doesn’t work. I’d stick with the brands mentioned above that I do know work with Peloton casting.

TVs and devices for Peloton casting

Avoid having to go through the Peloton casting nightmare that I did with my Vizio TV by sticking with the brands and products below that work with the Peloton.

Casting Your Peloton Bike to Your TV

The following Smart TV brands and accessories allow you to cast your Peloton bike's tablet to a TV or other screen.

Troubleshooting Peloton wireless headphones

One of the most common troubleshooting questions with a Peloton bike is getting the Peloton wireless headphones to work. And when I say wireless headphones, I mean Bluetooth headphones.

I wrote a blog post all about Peloton Bluetooth headphones. It includes a video on how to pair your Bluetooth headphones with the Peloton bike.

I’ve shared that video below. Hopefully, it solves any headphone problems you may be having.

Finally, I don’t know about you, but I can NEVER get my Apple Air Pods to pair with my bike. They’ll connect to my iPhone sitting across the room, but not my bike. Same with our newer Bike Plus. So, I can’t offer you a solution if you ended up here looking for those answers. Sorry!

Troubleshooting when Peloton metrics not working

First, let me explain what the Peloton metrics are. They are the numbers that you see on the screen when you’re riding. We’re talking

  • speed or cadence
  • resistance
  • output
  • distance
  • calories

Sometimes, if Peloton is having broadcast issues–like the screen is freezing or high fives on the screen aren’t working or something like that–the metrics will go out, too. You’ll know when they’re having broadcast issues when you get the white spinning dot circle of death. It’s kind of like the Apple rainbow beach ball or the Windows blue screen of death–never a good sign.

Other times it could be that Peloton has pushed out a software update, and you haven’t done the update yet. I find that these updates, while a pain, usually fix any metrics or other problems that I’ve been trying to troubleshoot. Look in the bottom, right, of your tablet to see if there is an update waiting to be installed.

Another solution when the metrics go out. Exit the class you’re currently taking. Then, select it again. The bike will tell you that you have a class in progress. Just rejoin, and you should be good.

Troubleshooting how to cancel a Peloton subscription

There may be reasons that you want to cancel a Peloton subscription. Perhaps you sold your used bike and don’t want to pay for the subscription anymore. Maybe you upgraded from just the Peloton digital app to a bike or Tread–and now the app subscription is part of what you pay monthly.

This blog post talks about deals that app users may receive for buying a refurbished bike.

Anyway, it didn’t take me long to find the instructions on the Peloton website, under membership terms, to answer the question “How do I cancel my Peloton subscription?” Here you go:

To change or terminate your Membership, go to your Account Settings at or contact Member Support at 1-866-679-9129.

As you can see this includes the Peloton customer service support phone number, should you want to speak to a real-life person.

Peloton heart rate monitor not working

This is a big issue among Peloton users. It centers on the heart rate monitor from Peloton that comes with the accessories package.

I’ll just come right out and say it–that chest strap heart rate monitor is crap. In fact, I say so in my blog post about the best heart rate monitor for Peloton. And that best HRM is the Scosche rhythm heart rate monitor, which I love and have reviewed in the post above.

Scosche rhythm heart rate monitor

If you’re in the market for a new heart rate monitor, check the discount below.

I love my Scosche Rhythm+ HRM. And I love that I can offer you an exclusive discount at Use code SCOSCHE15 at checkout to save 15%.

How to troubleshoot when Peloton pedals are making a clicking sound

If you’re ever spent time on the Official Peloton Members Facebook page–which is filled with negativity–then you know that lots and lots of people ask questions about clicking Peloton cycle pedals.

Guess what? It’s not your pedals. It’s most likely the cleats on the bottom of your cycle shoes. They need to be tightened. That’s it. All it takes is an Allen wrench to do the tightening.

Want more info about the Peloton pedals? Here’s my blog post that answer these common questions about Peloton pedals.

How to high five on Peloton

One of the fun parts about riding live or On Demand is high fiving the other people in class. I’ve got a section in my Peloton for beginners blog post all about giving out high fives, including high five etiquette. But, here’s the basics.

When you’re riding, you’ll see little hands showing up on the left-hand side of the tablet. This is people giving you a high five.

peloton for beginners high fives

Want to know how to give a high five or high five back on your Peloton? Tap the hands to give a high-five back.

Additionally, you may see a hand appear over a person’s profile picture on the Leaderboard on the right hand side of the tablet. That means they’ve high fived you. You can tap on their picture to high five back. Basically, both ways work for sending a high five back.

Peloton bike maintenance

It’s a good idea to maintain your Peloton bike on a regular basis. This can help you avoid common problems and make your bike last longer.

Here is my blog post about maintaining a Peloton. I think it’s super helpful.

Troubleshooting the Apple Watch

One of the benefits of the Bike Plus is that it pairs with the Apple Watch. However, I do not own an Apple Watch. Maybe it’s time to upgrade and get one?

In fact, I’ve been thinking about doing a blog post comparing fitness trackers like the Garmin, FitBit and Apple Watch. Thoughts?

As far as troubleshooting the Apple Watch, I would start with the Apple Watch FAQs page on the Peloton website. 

Final thoughts on Peloton troubleshooting

Have I missed any burning issues you’ve been trying to troubleshoot for your Peloton? Are there bike problems I haven’t address but that you’re experiencing?

If so, please post a comment below. Once I find the answers, I’ll update this post accordingly.

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  1. We moved the bike and now the power cord isn’t going into the back of the bike? Any suggestions on how I can get this connected?

    • I would reach out to Peloton support and ask them for suggestions. If your bike is under warranty, they may be able to send you a new one. Good luck.


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