Return Policy at Popular Stores

It is important to know and understand the return policy at a store before you shop there. This includes if you are shopping online and hoping for free shipping both ways.

That is, when a store says “free returns,” it doesn’t always mean free return shipping. In fact, I’ve made an unofficial personal policy not to shop at stores that charge me in any way for returns.  This includes restocking fees.

So when I found this Footwear News article about clothing retailers that charge restocking fees or return shipping, I filed it away. You should, too.

What I mean is this: if I ever want to shop at Nordstrom Rack or Duluth Trading Company and need to make returns, I’ll go in person. Because I’m not going to get sacked $8 or another amount for shipping or a restocking fee, just because my purchase didn’t work out. Both of these stores charge return shipping.

So, what are some of the popular stores I’ll cover in this article? And why have I decided to explain what their return policies are?

Well, to help you be a smart shopper, that’s why. Here’s how you’ll find the information you’re seeking.

One, I’ve listed the retailers below in alphabetical order. Two, as is true with so many of my articles, this one will be a work on progress.

So, as I come across different brands and stores and how they handle returns, I’ll update this article. 

Alphabetical list of stores


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Bass Pro Shops


Born Shoes



Crate and Barrel

Darn Tough

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Duluth Trading Company

Eddie Bauer

Family Dollar



Lands End

LL Bean



No Bull Shoes


Nordstrom Rack

The North Face









Return policies at these stores

Here are the details about returns that you need to know when shopping at the stores mentioned above.

Amazon returns

In most instances, you have 30 days to return something to Amazon. However, there are certain categories on Amazon that have a much longer return period. You can find them listed on this Amazon page.

Finally, in 2023 Amazon changed some of its return policies. That is, you’ll be charged a $1 return fee if you ship your Amazon return back from somewhere other than a Whole Foods or Kohl’s location, if either of those retailers are closer to your home than, say, a UPS Store.

Bass Pro Shops return policy

When it comes to returns at Bass Pro Shops, the store will first ask you how you received your purchase. Did you:

  • Buy it online
  • Shop in a physical store
  • Got it as a gift

Then, the store will guide you to different solutions for each. For example, if you bought the item online, do you want to return it to a nearby store or do you want to send it back?

Overall, you have 60 days to return something to Bass Pro Shops, with proof of purchase.

Bass Pro Shops returns without a receipt

What if you want to return something to Bass Pro Shops and you have no receipt? Well, as long as it is within 60 days of purchase, you can bring it back. 

However, you’ll need to bring ID and you’ll get money back in the form of a store credit. Also, without the receipt, you won’t get what you paid for the item. Instead, you’ll be credited the lowest sale price.

The one exception to this no receipt and 60 days rule is this: certain Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s footwear come with a one year guarantee. So do their rods.

In addition, Johnny Morris rods that Bass Pro Shops sell have a 10-year guarantee. So if you have issues with these products, definitely bring them back to the store.

Bombas return policy

The Bombas return policy pretty much aligns with its lifetime guarantee. That is, you can return something to Bombas, no questions asked, at any time.

This return policy applies not only to Bombas socks but also underwear. Bombas is pretty amusing about the reasons it says it will accept returns. This includes losing a sock in the laundry, if they develop holes or they become your dog’s favorite chew toy.

Born Shoes return policy

If you buy shoes directly from the Born Shoes website, then you have 30 days to return your purchase. It’s the company’s policy to charge $6.95 for return shipping.

Born says shoes must be “In original, unworn condition to be accepted for returns/exchange (unless defective). Beyond 30 days, our products are warranted against defects and workmanship (at the company’s sole and absolute discretion).”

Hey, I didn’t know about this Born Shoes warranty.

On the other hand if you bought your Born Shoes from another retailer–I get mine at–then you need to refer to that store’s return policy for sending them back.

Also, you can use the store locator on the Born site to find a store selling Born shoes near you so you can return them in person.

Cabela’s return policy

Since Cabela’s is owned by the same company as Bass Pro Shops, you’ll find a similar return policy here.

That is, like Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas will first ask how you made your purchase. Then, based on your answer, will guide you through the steps to make your return. 

Also, like Bass Pro Shops, you have 60 days to return something. So, if you thought Cabela’s return policy was 90 days, you would be wrong. It’s 60 days.

Costco return policy

Costco has a pretty generous return policy for most items it sells. The only exceptions are electronics, Apple products, jewelry and other high-ticket items.

Costco Membership Deal via Groupon

The best deal on a Costco Membership right now is through Groupon. When you sign up, you’ll get your one-year membership plus a $40 Costco Digital Shop Card for free.

In case you didn’t know, the Costco Shop Card is the store’s gift card. You can use it in store or online.

This offer is for new Costco memberships only or for former Costco members whose membership expired more than 18 months ago. So, if you’ve moved, there wasn’t a Costco nearby and you let your membership lapse for more than 18 months, you’re good to go to sign up for this deal again!

Also, you can avoid the lines at your Costco location by signing up for this Groupon Costco deal. This was the crowd at the new Costco in Maine near where I live. Yikes!

lines at costco on opening day
Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

Terms and Conditions

  • After purchase you’ll receive an email from Costco confirming your membership details. To pick up your membership card, stop by the membership counter at any Costco location and bring a copy of that email with your photo ID. Incentive will be emailed within 2 weeks after sign-up to qualifying members.
  • You’re receiving a One-Year Costco Gold Star Membership
  • A membership card for the Primary Cardholder and one additional Household Card for anyone living at the same address, over the age of 16
  • A $40 Digital Costco Shop Card (valid at Costco locations and
  • Valid only for new members and those whose previous memberships (Primary and Household) have been expired for at least 18 months or more.
  • Please allow up to two hours to receive your confirmation email from Costco. You must have either your Costco or Groupon confirmation email to receive your physical membership card at a Costco location.
  • A physical membership card is not required to shop online or receive your incentives.
  • Incentive includes a $40 Digital Costco Shop Card
  • Digital Costco Shop Card will be emailed within 2 weeks after sign-up to qualifying members.
  • Digital Costco Shop Card will be emailed to the email address provided by the Primary Member at time of sign-up.
  • Not valid for the renewal of an existing Costco membership.
  • To purchase this package, you must be 18 years of age or over, and agree to Costco’s Membership Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  • All sales final.
  • $40 Digital Costco Shop Card is not redeemable for cash, except as required by law. Digital Costco Shop Cards are not accepted at Costco Gas Stations, Car Washes, or Food Court Kiosks.

Again, this a Groupon-only deal for a Costco membership.

Other warehouse club memberships

Perhaps you prefer to shop at another warehouse club because it is more convenient to where you live than Costco is. Good news: Both BJs and Sam’s Club have Groupon deals right now for memberships. Plus, both tend to have gas stations where members can get a cheaper price when filling up the gas tank.

Crate and Barrel return policy

Non-furniture items you buy at Crate and Barrel have the most lenient returns. That is, you have 90 days to make those returns, as long as you have proof of purchase (receipt, packing slipping, gift receipt, registry number, etc.).

With regards to furniture and rugs, well, you’re on a much tighter timeline. Crate and Barrel says you have to contact them within 7 days of delivery if you want to make a return.

You’ll find extensive details about the Crate and Barrel return policy on this FAQ page on the website.

Darn Tough return policy

How does Darn Tough stand behind the products it sells? Let me count the ways.

One, you have 90 days to return anything you’ve purchased from Darn Tough.

And, two, if the return policy isn’t enough to satisfy you, there is the Darn Tough Lifetime Guarantee. You can read more about that policy here.

Darn Tough is included in this article about lifetime guarantees.

Dick’s Sporting Goods return policy

You have three ways to do a Dicks Sporting Goods return. One, you can return something via Curbside Pickup–which in this case would be curbside drop off. Two, you can return your purchase inside a Dick’s store. And three, you can return something online. 

All returns must be done within 90 days of purchase. However, you must return items you got at a Dick’s Sporting Goods Warehouse or Going Going Gone store (which Dick’s owns) within 30 days.

Here is my review of Going Going Gone stores.

going going gone store by dicks sporting goods

There is one brand of shoes that Dick’s sells that are final sale and non-returnable. That would be Yeezy Shoes.

More details about the Dick’s Sporting Goods return policy here.

Duluth return policy

There’s two things you need to know about Duluth Trading’s return policy. One, if you’re returning something you purchased online and you want to ship it back, Duluth will charge you $7.99 for shipping. 

On the other hand, if you can get to a Duluth store in person, your return would be free. I would suggest that option instead. Here is a link to their store locator page.

And, two, Duluth has what it calls the “No Bull Guarantee.” That is, it will take back pretty much anything, because of its lifetime guarantee.

Eddie Bauer returns

Eddie Bauer used to be one of those stores that took back purchases at any time and for any reason. Well, no more.

Now you have up to one year to return something you purchased from Eddie Bauer, with a receipt. Then, Eddie Bauer will refund whatever you paid for the product.

Keep in mind that if you ship something back to Eddie Bauer as part of the return process, you’ll pay $7 for shipping if you’re based in the US. If you’re based in Canada, return shipping is $10.

Family Dollar return policy

Merchandise purchased in stores or online can be returned to any Family Dollar Store within 30 days of purchase, with the following stipulations, as per the Family Dollar return policy:

  • With original receipt, you can exchange your item for something else or choose to have a refund issues in the original form of your payment.
  • If you don’t have a receipt, you can exchange something or get a refund at the lowest advertised price to a Family Dollar merchandise return card. However, you are limited to three such returns in a 30-day period.

Finally, there is a Family Dollar Brands Guarantee. I had no idea that Family Dollar’s return policy included a product guarantee.

Anyway, if you’re not satisfied with any Family Dollar brand product, you can return it within 30 days, with a receipt, and you’ll get a full refund.

Jansport return policy

When we bought our Jansport backpacks, we purchased them at Staples. However, when something went wrong with the zipper, we “cashed in” the Jansport guarantee directly with the company.

Keep in mind that Jansport doesn’t have retail outlets of its own. Therefore, if you need to make a return, you’ll need to work with the store where you originally purchased your Jansport product.

lifetime warranty
Thanks to its lifetime guarantee, Jansport shipped us a brand-new backpack when it couldn’t repair the zipper on another Jansport backpack we owned.

Kohl’s return policy

There is a two-tier return policy at Kohl’s. The first tier is most items you buy at Kohl’s in store or on You have 180 days to return them, even if there is no receipt. All returns are done in store.

The second tier is a shorter return window for certain electronics and watches. Then, you have only 30 days to make a return. For that you do need proof of purchase.

More info about the Kohl’s return policy here.

Lands End return policy

Here’s what you need to know about returns at Lands End. One, you can return most non-personalized (i.e. monogrammed) Lands’ End items within 90 days.

Two, anything that is personalized (i.e. monogrammed) is non returnable and is a final sale.

Three, you can always return items to a Lands’ End physical store. Use this store locator to find one near you.

LL Bean returns

You have one year from purchase to return something to LL Bean. Also, if you want to avoid paying $6.99 to ship something back to LL Bean, return it to a store.

Now there are many more LL Bean store locations around the country beyond the original store in Freeport, Maine.

Macy’s return policy

Macy’s calls it “Easy Returns” for anything you bought on the Macy’s website. Here is the page where you can start an online order return. Many qualify for free return shipping, too.

Or, you can return something at a Macy’s store.

Macy’s overall return policy says that you have to make any returns within 90 days of purchase. There are exceptions, though.

For example, cosmetics or fragrances must be returned to the same place where you bought them. So a store purchase to a Macy’s store, or an online purchase back to

Furniture and mattress returns to Macy’s

Also, furniture and other home decor must be returned within 30 days of purchase. You cannot bring them back to the store. In addition, you’ll be charged a 15% return processing fee.

Moreover, you have a little longer to return a mattress you bought from Macy’s. That is, the return window is 120 days long.

However, you’ll incur that 15% return process fee, too. Finally, some mattresses and furniture returns will incur a pickup fee, which could be as high as $100.

Moosejaw return policy

I’m a bit confused about the Moosejaw return policy. On the one hand, the returns pages mentioned the Moosejaw lifetime warranty (which I cover here). On the other hand, it goes on to explain what you can and cannot return for a full refund.

Bottom line: you have 60 days to return your item, with a receipt, to get a full refund. If you ship it back, Moosejaw deducts $7.95 from your refund for shipping.

Or, you can bring it back to a Moosejaw store for free.

Moosejaw is one of the many stores that offer a price match and adjustment.

No Bull Shoes return policy

Like other shoe brands mentioned in this article, how you return No Bull Shoes depends on how you bought them. If you bought them from a third-party retailer, then you need to return them that way.

However, if you shopped on the No Bull Shoes website, then here’s what you need to know.

No Bull will take back shoes within 60 days of purchase. They must still be in new, unworn condition, with all tags still attached.

Right now, No Bull has stores in three locations: 

  1. Boston
  2. Miami
  3. New York City

You can always make returns to one of these No Bull Shoes locations.

Nordstrom return policy

As I’ve written about multiple times on this blog, one of the reasons I’m a loyal Nordstrom customer is their excellent customer service. This includes a generous return policy.

Also, you can make Nordstrom and returns at Nordstrom Rack stores. Since there are more Rack locations than department store Nordstrom locations, this makes returning things to Nordstrom so much easier.

More about the Nordstrom return policy here.

Nordstrom Rack return policy

With Nordstrom Rack returns are a little bit different than regular Nordstrom stores. What I mean is you only have 45 days to make a return to get full credit refunded to you.

As far as what you can return at Nordstrom Rack, there are two caveats. One, anything marked final sale is, well, a final sale. No returns are allowed.

Two, all beauty products are not returnable. My sense is that perfume falls into the beauty category. Therefore, you can’t return it.

returns nordstrom rack

Returning to Nordstrom Rack in person

I would recommend making any Nordstrom Rack returns in person at a store. Otherwise, the store will charge you $9.95 for return shipping. 

Actually, they’ll deduct the $9.95 from your refund if you make a return by mail. But either way, you’re out $9.95 when you could have returned it to the store for free.

This is one of the reasons I usually only shop Nordstrom Rack in person.

This article explains the differences between Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom department store locations.

The North Face return policy

Like with so many brands that are sold in stores other than the ones they own, The North Face return policy depends on where you bought the item. If you shopped at The North Face stores (in person or online), you have 60 days to make a return. And you can return products in person or online.

What’s interesting about the return policy is with regards to The North Face store purchases you make with “alternate” payments. This affects how and where you can return something.

So, for example, if you paid using PayPal, Apple Pay or Klarna, then your online purchase cannot be returned at a retail location. Instead, online returns are your only option.

Don’t forget: The North Face is one of the outdoor brands that have a limited lifetime warranty.

Otterbox return policy

Only Otterbox products purchased on the Otterbox website can be returned directly to Otterbox. You have 30 days to do that.

It’s the same with the Otterbox warranty. You have to deal with Otterbox directly, even if you bought your Otterbox at Verizon, Amazon or anywhere else.

broken otterbox case

REI returns

You’ll find a helpful chart about the REI return policy here. It includes a timeline for returns. Also, it gives a nod to the REI guarantee.


Here’s what you need to know about Sephora returns. If it is within 30 days of your purchase, you can return new or gently used products for a full refund to your original method of payment.

On the other hand, any returns made 31-60 days after purchase are eligible for online credit (if returned to by mail) or store credit (if returned in-store). In order to complete the return, you must have a proof of purchase.

Target return policy

You have 90 days to make returns to Target. If you shopped with the Target Red Card, then you have 30 extra days to make returns. Finally, any Target brands (including Cat and Jack) come with a one-year return timeline. This includes Target clothing purchases.

The one exception is if anything is recalled. For example, a few years ago, there was a FitBit recall. So Target extended returns on FitBits because of the recall. You can find all recalls on the Target website.

You can bring a physical receipt with you when you make your return to Target. Or, if you have the Target app on your phone, you can bring up a bar code.

Also, if you bought something from the Target website, you can return in store for free.

Finally, you can make a return at any Target store. You do not have to go back to the store where you made your purchase.

Sometimes these returns go to a Target salvage store.

returns target

Uggs return policy

The Uggs website says it will gladly take back any Uggs you purchased at another site. However, it won’t refund your money. Instead, you can get a site credit at the Uggs online store.

Also, it states this:

“Items must be in new and unused condition. A product with dirt or wear and tear will be returned to the customer with no action taken. Products must be in our current product line, which is posted on”

Verizon return policy

You have 30 days to return wireless devices to Verizon. You will have to pay a $50 restocking fee. The return policy doesn’t say anything about what happens with returns if your phone is defective.

Walmart return

Walmart has a 90-day return policy. However, you have to return cell phones within 14 days, and electronics within 30 days.

There are lots of other exceptions. This Walmart page explains it all.

I was thrilled to see that the produce freshness guarantee still exists. That’s something I first covered in this blog post many years ago. return policy

In most instances Zappos will not take back shoes that have been worn. The one exception is if something goes wrong with the shoes.

For example, when my daughter’s Uggs ripped along a seam a few months after we bought them, Zappos sent us another pair. In addition, they did the same with a pair of soccer cleats that failed after just a few wearings.

In all other situations, you have 365 days to return something to Zappos. And the item must still be in new condition, as explained on this returns page.

Finally, Amazon, which owns Zappos, just announced that you can bring Zappos returns to Whole Foods Market locations. I wasn’t aware that Whole Foods took back Amazon packages, too.

Final thoughts on store return policies

Keep in mind that during the December holidays, many stores will alter their return policies slightly. That is, if they normally require returns within a short amount of time, they’ll often extend the return period into January or longer.

Also, when buying gifts for anyone, whether it be at the holidays or another occasion, always get a gift receipt. Then, be sure to include the gift receipt with the item.

That way, should the recipient need to return or exchange the present, it’s much easier for them.

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