Peloton on Amazon: Bikes, Accessories, Apparel with Prime Delivery

Now you can buy products from Peloton on Amazon. And not just apparel and accessories.

The original Peloton bike is now for sale on Amazon. And as of May 2023, the Bike Plus is also available on Amazon.

This comes on the heels of Peloton announcing that soon they would be shipping bikes for customers to assemble themselves.

In light of this recent news about Peloton being available on Amazon, I’ve put together this article to answer some of your most common questions about this new development.

Also, note to self: I’m going to have to update all of my Peloton-related posts to reflect this new way to shop for Peloton products!

Why is Peloton on Amazon

If you’ve been following the news about Peloton, then you know that the company is looking to shake up its fulfillment model.

This includes closing warehouses that deliver bikes and having them shipped directly to customers. Peloton may be closing some stores and showrooms, too.

I’m guessing that the fact that you can buy the original Peloton bike on Amazon now is a step in that direction. You can also buy the Peloton Guide on Amazon.

However, right now that’s the only hardware available on Amazon. I wonder if Peloton will eventually add the Tread and Bike+ to their Amazon offerings.

What other Peloton products on Amazon

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Right now there are two additional product categories in the Peloton store on Amazon. They are:

  1. Accessories
  2. Apparel

peloton products on amazon

Peloton accessories on Amazon

So, what are the Peloton accessories you can now buy on Amazon? They include the following–all Peloton brand:

Peloton apparel on Amazon

To be honest the Peloton boutique still has more Peloton apparel and merchandise than the Amazon store does.

But I imagine the inventory will grow with time. (Don’t forget about the Peloton X Adidas clothing that you can purchase directly from

That being said, there is still plenty of men’s and women’s clothing options over on Amazon now. This includes:

Plus, various Peloton instructors are modeling the clothes. It was fun to see this picture of Tunde and Adrian at the top of the Peloton Amazon store.

peloton apparel on amazon

More Peloton accessories under apparel

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the apparel page on the Peloton Amazon store, you’ll see plenty of additional accessories and merchandise.

These are more “fun” accessories than workout accessories like I’d mentioned earlier. 

For example, if you’ve always wanted to put a licensed Peloton magnet on your car, you’ll find it in the Amazon store. Not gonna lie–I’m tempted to treat myself to it.

Update: I did it. I bought the magnet and put it on my (very dirty car). Honestly, I thought the magnet would be much bigger. Nonetheless, I love it!

peloton car magnet from amazon

Also, the Yeti Peloton tumbler I got for free with my Peloton referral credits is now for sale on Amazon. I got it in red; the one on Amazon is white.

Amazon Try Before You Buy and Peloton

Are you aware of the Amazon Try Before You Buy program? It’s kind of like treating Amazon as a subscription box service or online stylist.

So, you order certain clothing and try it at home without paying. Then, if you decide to keep it, you get charged.

Well, while checking out the Peloton apparel on Amazon, I discovered that you could try them out via Try Before You Buy.

See the image here and the button you could toggle on to make your purchase Try Before You Buy.

peloton on amazon try before you buy circled

You can order up to six pieces to try on at home at a time.

Keep in mind that you need to sign up for Try Before You Buy before adding to cart, including these Peloton products:

Again, here is a link to sign up for Amazon Try Before You Buy. It’s free to join.

Does Prime delivery apply to Peloton products

The great news is, yes, two-day Prime Delivery applies to most products you purchase on Amazon.

For example, when I was looking at the aforementioned car magnet, cough cough, well, I couldn’t get it in two days but I could in three.

Plus, because I have a Prime Membership, shipping would be free, even though the magnet costs only $8.

Now the original Peloton bike that’s for sale on Amazon? Yup, I could get it in two days. 

Not yet a Prime Member? Now’s a great time to sign up. You’ll get so many benefits, including a free year of GrubHub+. Plus, it’s free for 30 days.

Finally, this CNBC article suggested that “[i]t could also make sense for Amazon and Peloton to consider making the fitness company’s live and on-demand workout content another perk for paying Amazon Prime customers.”

Does Amazon deliver my Peloton bike assembled

This appears where Peloton is now trying out the DIY Peloton assembly approach we’d heard about.

Because when you’re on the Amazon sales page for the bike and you scroll down to the bottom, this is what you’ll find:

“‎You’ll get step-by-step instructions to make assembly easy. Bike frame, stabilizers, handlebars, water bottle holders, pedals, weight holders, touchscreen, and home assembly kit are included. Shoes, mat, and other accessories sold separately.”

I wish I was in the market for a new Peloton so I could try it out and see how it works. Not only am I curious to find out if the bike really would get here in two days but also who would be delivering it.

Most of my Amazon deliveries come via the USPS. Bigger ones are usually via UPS.

Again, now you can buy the Peloton Bike Plus on Amazon as well.

Shopping Peloton on Amazon

I’ve put together a shopping list on Amazon for all of the Peloton products I could find. Here is a link to my shopping list.

Finally if you’re interested in other Peloton partnerships, this article can help.

Here is a roundup of Peloton Black Friday deals, including on Amazon.