MM LaFleur Personal Styling Service Review Updated

Update: the MM.LaFleur personal styling service has just introduced new styles that fit with the work from home aesthetic for this year. These include bundles of WFH outfits.

These outfits feel like pajamas but look professional enough for a ZOOM meeting. Given this new information, I’ve decided to update this review of the MM.LaFleur personal styling service.

Also, this new collection includes new fabrics. We’re talking machine-washable silk, luxurious French terry and better-than-denim in fresh colors, plus much, much more.

Original portions of my personal styling service review

Why did I want an MM.LaFleur stylist help online back in 2018, when I first wrote this review? My husband started a new job as a college president. That makes me the first lady at a university. With that title comes some responsibilities and the need for a whole new wardrobe.

I’ve been able to transition my closet based on the clothing I’ve received from other online stylist companies I’ve used in the past. However, this new chapter gave me the perfect excuse to try out a new-to-me online styling company and a new personal stylist online.

That personal styling service is MM.LaFleur. So if you’re looking for MM LaFleur reviews, you’ve come to the right place.

Guess what? You get free shipping both ways when you shop M.M.LaFleur.

Ways to save at MMLaFleur

If you haven’t yet tried M.M.LaFleur, how’s this for an incentive? You can save 25% on an in-person or virtual styling appointment.

Plus, during the holiday season, you can save on M.M.LaFleur gift cards.

mmlafleur gift cards
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Also, like the Peloton membership discount, MMLaFleur offers a discount on clothing for essential workers, students and educators.

MM LaFleur has the perfect work from home outfits or work at home wardrobe. These are amazing options if you’re looking to create a style capsule that will allow you to get dressed for working at home easier.

Finally, I’ve just discovered that you can buy MM LaFleur clothing at Nordstrom. It’s a limited amount of styles but definitely great for creating a capsule wardrobe.

What is MM.LaFleur personal styling service?

Where did the idea for MM.LaFleur originate? A female finance executive who was tired of living in a pantsuit nation started this wardrobe solutions company in 2013.

She wanted clothing that would help women harness the power of self-presentation, and to rethink the shopping process altogether. Together with two partners they launched MM.LaFleur.

“Not only do we design our own collection,” the MM.LaFleur website says, “but we integrate personal styling into the MM experience.”

How does MM.LaFleur work?

With MM.LaFleur’s personal styling service, you have a few ways to shop or get a clothing stylist help online. You can shop via the website using an personal stylist online or shop in person.

Shopping in person

MM.LaFleur has brick and mortar showrooms where you can shop in person. Currently, there are showrooms in the following cities:

  • New York
  • Washington, DC

Here is how MM.LaFleur describes the in-person experience

“Fill out a brief online survey and arrive to a dressing room curated based on your fit and style preferences. Work one-on-one with a personal stylist, while enjoying coffee and prosecco. During your complimentary hour-long stylist session, our goal is to treat you to the most productive, personalized, and stress-free shopping experience of your life.”

Getting personal styling service help online

MM.LaFleur also lets you shop online with a clothing stylist’s help. If, at any time, you’re stumped about what to choose, “our team of stylists is just an email, chat, or phone call away,” says the website. “Our stylists are here to help you build your work wardrobe in a systematic, personalized way.”

M.M. LaFleur Dresses

M.M. LaFleur has some of the prettiest dresses I’ve ever seen. My favorite by far is the Emily dress from M.M. LaFleur

It’s has become my go-to staple for everything from business dinners to funerals. I love that the dress is machine washable, which is super convenient and a budget friendly option. Finally, it’s flattering.

Review of MM.LaFleur Personal Styling Service

As I’d mentioned because of my husband’s new job and my new role in life, I needed to step up some of my wardrobe. I was expected to attend 100 or so functions each year as the “first lady” of his college.

I had plenty of nicer clothing from Stitch Fix and Trunk Club that could get me through the first few social commitments. But I knew it wouldn’t be enough.

Having seen MM.LaFleur popping up in Google searches, I figured now would be a great time to check out this personal styling service.

Yes, the company is designed for a more traditional workday wardrobe. Even so I had a feeling that the clothing from MM.LaFleur could probably help me in my new role.

Since I could not find any MM LaFleur reviews, I decided to write one myself.

How does the MM.LaFleur personal styling service work?

Once your clothing arrives, you’ll have four days to try everything on. You keep what you like and ship back what you don’t like. Shipping is free both ways.

Setting up your style profile

Like other online clothing styling services, MM.LaFleur needs to have a style profile to work from. Again, super easy.

Here are the questions you’ll need to answer–and the options for your answers. It’s pretty detailed, and I like that.

What’s your typical weekday dress code?

  • Business Formal
  • Business Casual
  • Casual
  • Fashion-forward

I clicked on business casual when I signed up. I figured I wanted something that I could wear to college events but also every day as a self-employed writer.

What do you do?

You have 17 career options to click on, ranging from biotechnology to childcare, lawyer to politics. There was a “media, arts and entertainment” option, so that’s what I chose because, primarily, I am a writer.

However, if nothing best describes what you do, you can click “other” and manually enter your job title. I do wonder what would have happened if I’d typed in “first lady.”

What’s your age?

This is optional to answer. I’d mentioned in my Stitch Fix review that I ended up having to lie about my age in order to get the clothing I liked.

This wasn’t because of vanity. It was because I found that saying I was over 50 automatically put me in a less fashion-forward clothing category.

Once I lied and told Stitch Fix I was in my 40s, suddenly the clothing was more to my liking. I realize I’m not like all 50-somethings, but this is what worked for me.

With MM.LaFleur age brackets start at under 25 and go to 66+. They are broken out in four-to-five year increments. In this instance I clicked on my true age bracket, which is 51-55.

What kind of clothing do you like?

Next, MM.LaFleur asks you to look at four outfits. They want you to choose which one you would wear.

I chose the outfit with a simple top and black pants. Other options included two different styles of dresses, and a blouse and pencil skirt.

At this point you have to give MM.LaFleur your email in order to continue. Then a credit card to keep on file.

In addition, you’ll let the company know how often you want to receive your Bento Box of MM.LaFleur clothing.

And that’s it!

mmlafleur personal styling service

It took about a week for my styled clothing to show up on my doorstep. Opening it felt like a gift.

Inside was a note from my stylist, a gift bag (it included the belt the company had sent to me), and then underneath a “zippered” rubber plastic bag with my clothes inside.

I’m totally reusing this bag the next time I need to bring clothes to the dry cleaner or want to pack up sandy towels after a day at the beach. I love that it is reusable.

The clothing I received was literally wrapped up with a bow–a beautiful grey grosgrain ribbon. I’m definitely saving that, too, to reuse on a future gift. I love ribbons.

Make sure you try on all of the clothes

Now came the fun part. Trying on all the clothes.

I grabbed a pair of favorite pumps to put on with each of the outfits. These burgundy pumps are one of those gems I got from Zapposusing the advice I shared on finding fashionable, comfortable shoes for wide width feet.

I’ve learned that in order to full appreciate how an outfit looks on your body, you cannot try clothes on in a vacuum. You really ought to wear a pair of shoes and undergarments (read Spanx, if necessary) so you get a true feeling of how the clothes will look on you when you wear them in real life.

My styled box included seven pieces. They were:

  1. sleeveless sheath dress
  2. black belt
  3. dress with 3/4-length sleeves
  4. navy blouse
  5. navy pencil skirt
  6. cream blouse
  7. black pants

mmlafleur personal styling serviceChecking out after receiving my box

Once I’d tried everything on, I logged on to the MM.LaFleur website to check out. Checking out was super simple and easy to follow. I was able to give feedback on each piece, in very specific detail.

If I was returning a piece, I could click on one of the drop down menus, which then offered me numerous reasons I was returning. Some of these reasons included too small, too big, didn’t fit my body type, etc.

There was also a box where I could type in something more specific. For the dress with the 3/4 sleeves, for example, I wrote that even though the dress was my size, I could not get it across my ample bust to zip it up.

And that even if I sized up, I wasn’t sure I liked the silhouette anyway. Therefore, I was returning it.

Also an online store

Unlike other clothing styling services that focus on being a subscription box only, MM.LaFleur is also a traditional online retail store. So after checkout I was given the option to “keep shopping” and was redirected to the ecommerce store. There you can shop styles and add them to your wish list.

Pros of MM.LaFleur personal styling service

The clothing is gorgeous! I ended up keeping one dress and one belt.

The dress is probably more than I would normally spend but given my husband’s new job–and my new duties as first lady–this sleeveless sheath dress, with a tiny bit of stretch, fit me in all the right places. The charcoal color was a great neutral to add to my wardrobe.

One of the things I loved about the dress, besides the fit and fabric, was that it has half moon shaped pieces of fabric under the arms. I could tuck those into my bra so that, no matter what, my bra wouldn’t show. What a brilliant invention.

Since first writing this review, I’ve received a few more Bento boxes. I’ve also ordered pieces, one-off, from the M.M.Lafleur ecommerce store.

Women of all sizes and skin colors

Another pro for MM.LaFleur: it was refreshing to see women on the MM.LaFleur website of varying sizes, skin color and ages modeling clothes.

In many instances when I clicked on an article of clothing, there was a typical-sized model wearing it but then there was also a “real size” model wearing the same item. One dress I liked–and added to my wish list–comes in sizes 0P (zero petite) to +3 (which equals 22W).

I love that this company recognizes that women of all shapes and sizes need great clothing to work in–regardless of what field they’re in. The site features profiles of attorneys, artists and more.

For those looking for a plus-size clothing subscription, along with Dia&Co, I would recommend you check out MM.LaFleur, too.

The personal touch

My stylist with MM.LaFleur texted and sent me emails after my box arrived, just to check in. It was great hearing from a real person like this.

Another plus: I can text MM.LaFleur to schedule my free pick up for any items I’m sending back. Like other online personal stylist companies, they include a postage-paid package so I can ship back for free. MM.LaFleur ships via UPS.

Cons of MM.LaFleur personal styling service

If you’re looking for super cheap work clothing, this online stylist service or online personal shopper is not for you. During the registration process, MM.LaFleur tells you upfront that its prices start at $110 for tops and goes up through $325 for dresses.

Accessories and pieces of jewelry are cheaper–priced $35 to $100+. But again, if you’re looking for a straight-out bargain for your wallet, you won’t find it here.

However, I look at clothing as an investment. I’ll pay more for something that lasts and I’ll wear a long time. I have a feeling that MM.LaFleur clothing is going to be well worth the money.

Because MM.LaFleur sells its own brand of clothing, there is no way of “knowing” ahead of time how things are going to fit.

Not so with MM.LaFleur. So that could be a negative.

It could also be a positive because it forces you try everything on. In doing so you must might surprise yourself.

The sleeveless sheath dress I ended up keeping I was sure wouldn’t fit when I took it out of the box. But guess what? I was wrong–so wrong. Now I love it.

MM LaFleur buys back its clothing

Online styling company MM LaFleur has started something called Second Act. There, you can buy and sell used MM LaFleur clothing. So, if you’re already shopping on MM LaFleur, this is a way to recoup some of the money on clothing you no longer want in your closet.

While you won’t make cash money selling through MM LaFleur Second Act, you will earn credits on the MM LaFleur website. Then, you can buy new clothes for youself at a discount. I’d call that a win.

Overall thoughts on MM.LaFleur Personal Styling Service

I’m so happy I took a chance with MM.LaFleur. It’s going to be a great complement to the wardrobe I continue to build through using online styling services Stitch Fix.

Another work from home wardrobe option? Wantable, which offers a Style Edit for “regular” clothing and a Fitness Editor for athleisure.