Experience Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Are you looking to for experience gift ideas for Mother’s Day this year? You’re on the right track. Especially if you can find experience gifts that mom can enjoy at home. Because we’re all spending more time at home these days. But that doesn’t mean that we can send gifts to mom or give her the experience gift she really wants.

I love the idea of gifts of experience or experiential gifts. These are gifts that create a memory through an experience versus something that you end up putting on a shelf or cluttering up your house. Sure, there is a place for those kinds of gifts. But for the person who has everything or for a mom living in a small space, an experience gift is a gift that won’t leave her saying, “Now what am I supposed to do with this?”

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Here are a handful of last-minute, experience gift ideas to give mom this year. I’ve focused primarily on subscription boxes. Why? Because they can be delivered to mom at home and she can enjoy them monthly or quarterly for the rest of the year. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

Subscription Box Experience Gift Ideas

I’ve decided to focus this Mother’s Day 2021 gift guide on experience gift ideas that primarily revolve around subscription boxes. In some instances I’ve included traditional gift ideas but with a twist, like gift ideas for Peloton moms or moms who might enjoy working with an online stylist. I’ve broken out my suggestions into four categories below. 

Many of these subscription box experience gifts are available through Cratejoy, the subscription box marketplace. As luck would have it, Cratejoy is having a Mother’s Day sale right now. Save 25% off Mother’s Day gifts at Cratejoy.

Food and Drink Oriented Experience Gift Ideas

I’ve found a number of food related experience gift ideas in these subscription boxes. They run the gamut from baked goods to spirits. I’m sure you can find something that your mother would love.

Food and Drink Experience Gift Subscription Boxes

Self Care Experience Gift Subscription Boxes

We could all use a little self care these days. Your mom or a mother in your life is likely no different. I’ve scouted out some great self care subscription boxes that fit the experience gift idea niche perfectly. 

Self Care Experience Gift Subscription Boxes for Mother's Day

These experience gift idea subscription box suggestions are through Cratejoy. Save 25% off Mother's Day gifts right now.

Personal Stylist Experience Gift Ideas

Perhaps the best gift I ever gave myself was the gift of a personal stylist. The best part is you don’t have to live near a big city or be rich to use such a stylist. Everything occurs online. It’s an experience gift of shopping for yourself that take place entirely at home.

My three favorites are Stitch Fix, Trunk Club and WantableThis blog post tells you everything you need to know about working with an online stylist.

If your mom is a fitness fanatic, you can sign her up for subscription boxes that focus on workout clothes and athleisure. While Stitch Fix, Trunk Club and Wantable can all curate fitness attire in a box, I would recommend also checking out Fabletics (sign her up for a VIP subscription) and Yoga Club for this kind of experience gift.

Online Stylist Services for Women

A Cameo from mom’s favorite celeb

Have you heard about Cameo? It’s the online service where you can order a personalized video greeting from a celebrity. Cameo gives you the opportunity to get a unique gift that’s affordable and doesn’t require shipping. 

In fact, some of the talent on Cameo guarantee to turn around a message in under 24 hours in time for Mother’s Day. This include actors from popular shows, including Scrubs, Full House, The Brady Bunch and The Office. 

Peloton Mom Gift Ideas

Did you miss out on the recently announced Peloton mom clothing collection from the One Peloton company? You’re not alone. It seems that everything sold out in under 24 hours.

Here’s my blog post about Peloton apparel and why it’s always sold out.

No worries, though. There are tons of Peloton mom options on Etsy and a few in Amazon Handmade. I’ve included a few of my favorites here. This is a quasi experience gift in that the gift itself is not an experience. But it will help her enjoy or acknowledge her love for her Peloton.

For a more extensive Peloton gift guide, you should check out this post.

Peloton Gifts: Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Peloton Users

Have a #pelomom you need to buy a Mother's Day gift for? Here are some ideas for that special Peloton user.

Looking for other subscription box experience gift ideas? Here is a link to all of my subscription box content as well as my content about online stylists. I’m confident you can find something perfect for the mom in your life here. 

Finally, you can always visit my Shop page for how to buy nearly any product or service I’ve mentioned in my blog post.

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