Peloton Gift Guide: Ideas for Presents for Every Budget

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In this brand new Peloton gift guide, I’ve broken out my suggestions by budget. Here you’ll find Peloton gifts under $5, $10, $20, $25, $30, $50 and $100.

In addition, whenever possible I’ve pulled together Peloton gifts under (fill in the blank) that are available on Amazon. I know that a lot of people shopping in a gift guide are looking to do their shopping on Amazon.

Peloton gift guide for every budget

Since I first wrote my post on Peloton gifts, the world of Peloton has expanded greatly. For example, when we got our bike in 2016, there was just the cycle and a handful of instructors.

By 2018 the company had introduce the Tread along with a slew of new instructors that taught running and strength. Soon thereafter they added yoga to the mix.

You may recall from my Peloton yoga review, there has always been yoga classes available On Demand. But it wasn’t the full complement of classes that are here today.

In 2020 Peloton also introduced dance cardio, family-oriented classes and Barre.

Why bring up Peloton classes

Because now there are dozens and dozens of instructors teaching classes. I know that some of the most popular ways that fans show their love for any and all instructors is by wearing t-shirts that having their catchphrases on them or decorating their Peloton room with wall art of those favorite sayings. It’s the whole reason I wrote my post on Peloton instructor quotes; it’s been in the top 10 since I first published it.

But enough about the background on Peloton. Let’s get to the fun stuff–the presents for this Peloton gift guide. As promised I’ve broken them out by budget. I feel confident you’ll find something the gift recipient will love and which will fit in your budget.

Peloton Gift Guide 2021: Gifts Under $5

One of the easiest ways to round up Peloton gifts under $5 for this gift guide was to look at digital downloads. That is, wall decor or home designs that you purchase digitally online to download, and then you frame them yourselves. One of the best places for these gift ideas under $5 is Etsy.

Peloton Gift Guide: Gifts Under $5

Looking for Peloton gifts under $5? This roundup should help with your budget.

Peloton Gift Guide 2021: Gifts Under $10

Just like the Peloton gifts under $5, for gift ideas under $10, I’m once again turning to Etsy for gift suggestions. However, you get a bit more wiggle room in your budget when you’re working with gifts prices $10 and under. So, this section of the gift guide includes present possibilities from other sources, too, including Peloton gifts under $10 on Amazon.

Peloton Gift Guide: Gifts Under $10

Etsy is chock full of Peloton-inspired gift ideas, many for under $10. Because I've also got a section on gifts under $5, these present suggestions are most likely going to be priced between $6 and $10.

I've also included Amazon gifts under $10 for Peloton lovers.

And, as mentioned above, I've turned to other online sources as well.

Peloton Gift Guide 2021: Gifts Under $20

Here are some Peloton gift ideas priced under $20. I found them on Amazon, Etsy and a couple of other places, too.

At this price point, you start to get into more items that feature Peloton instructor quotes. You can see a whole slew of those options, regardless of budget, in my post on, what else, Peloton instructor quotes.

Peloton Gift Guide: Gifts Under $20

Here are a variety of gift options for the Peloton lover on your list. These ideas are all $20 or under, if that's what your budget will allow.

Some of the ideas are perfect for the Peloton lover with a yoga practice on the app.

Peloton Gift Guide 2021: Gifts Under $25

When it comes to Peloton gifts under $25, this budget allows for giving gift cards for various products and services. For example, if you know a Peloton lover who would love new workout clothing, a gift card in this price range for a workout clothing subscription box would make perfect sense. Here is a link to my blog post on that topic of the best workout attire subscriptions.

Additionally, those working out regularly probably want to eat a healthy diet. There are plenty of meal prep kit subscription boxes that cost $25 or less a week. Here is my roundup review on the best meal kit subscription services.

Finally, good old Etsy and Amazon can help in a pinch for gift ideas under $25.

Peloton Gift Guide: Gifts Under $25

Once again, as the budget in this Peloton gift guide gets bigger, so do the gift options and where you can buy them. So, if you want gifts under $25 from Amazon, you'll find them. Same with Etsy and many other retailers.

Peloton Gift Guide 2021: Gifts Under $30

Did you ever notice that when buying a gifts that having a budget for $30 versus $25 or $20 just makes your gift feel much more substantial? It’s true when looking for presents for Peloton lovers, too.

Plus, with just $5more to spend, you’ll find many more options with these gift ideas under $30. This includes meal kits and so much more.

Peloton Gift Guide: Gifts Under $30

In the gifts under $30 category, I've found meal kit subscription options, clothing, home decor and more.

As with other sections of this Peloton Gift Guide, I've included selections from Amazon and Etsy. Many have personalization options, too.

Peloton Gift Guide 2021: Gifts Under $50

I’ll admit that many of the Peloton accessories that I’ve invested in cost in the $50 range. So, I can completely understand why people would be interested in finding Peloton gifts under $50. There is so much to choose from.

From the Drip Accessory’s Spin Towel that covers the handelbars to the Velotowel frame wrap that saves your bike from sweat from the Spintray that turns your Peloton into a working desk, your choices are seemingly endless.

Below, I’ve highlighted some of my favorite Peloton gift suggestions that cost under $50.

Peloton Gift Guide: Gifts Under $50

Of course, I'm including Peloton gifts under $50. But there are many more options in this price point from other retailers and services, including subscription boxes.

Peloton Gift Guide 2021: Gifts Under $100

I’ll admit that when I first got my Peloton bike in 2016, I invested in many different accessories. A handful of them fell into the under $100 category.

So, if you’ve got a Peloton beginner on your gift list, you may want to give them a head start on their user journey by setting them up with these pricier present suggestions. You may also want to direct them to my blog post on Peloton for beginners.

Peloton Gift Guide: Gifts Under $100

With a budget under $100 you can really step up the gifts you buy for the Peloton lover on your list. As with the other budgets, I've include Peloton gift ideas under $100 on Amazon and Etsy, among other retailers.

Finally, I know a lot of people love the sideways or horizontal lightning bolt necklace that Kendall Toole wears. I found a gorgeous version on Etsy, which I've included below. It's in both silver and gold. And I've found two Peloton-related celebs that you can hire for a video message on Cameo.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Here is a link to my original post on Peloton gifts.

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