Best Plus Size Leggings and Activewear for Women

It used to be so hard to find plus size leggings and activewear for women. Thankfully, that’s not as much of an issue as it once was.

I was reminded of this when I took the two-for-one Lizzo ride on Peloton.

In case you’re not familiar with that ride from July 2022, singer Lizzo showed up in person to ride along with instructors Robin Arzon and Jess Sims.

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Yitty plus size leggings and activewear by Lizzo

In addition, Lizzo, Robin, Jess and Lizzo’s big grrrls dancers were all in the studio wearing Lizzo’s brand of athletic wear called Yitty.

The style of Yitty clothing they were all wearing is called Major Label.

On the one hand, it’s the fitness clothing arm of this size inclusive line of plus size leggings and smaller size activewear.

This includes sport bras with a plunging neck.

On the other hand, Yitty also includes shapewear and underwear in a range of sizes.

Jess looked stunning in her royal blue Yitty top and leggings.

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Also, Robin was stunning in her hot pink yitty top and shorts. In addition, I loved the added touch of pink butterflies in her hair.

Finally, Lizzo’s big grrrls dancers–there were four of them–were also in hot pink Yitty activewear. Lizzo herself was in all black. The whole scene was lit.

lizzo ride with robin and jess plus size leggings activewear

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Best plus size leggings and activewear

I’ll get more into the Yitty Shapewear by Lizzo a little later in this article. Please scroll down for that.

However, I’m pleased to report that it is one of a number of athletic clothing lines that make workout attire for bigger girls.

This includes major brands like Nike and Adidas.

In addition, I’ll outline some of my favorite activewear subscription clothing boxes that have plus size lines, too.

I’ve written about them in my past stories about activewear subscription services. These are some of the best sources for plus size leggings, tops, sports bras and more. 

Furthermore, I’ve also covered the best plus size online stylists. Some can send you athleisure clothing in larger sizes.

Finally, I’ll let you know which stores (in person and online) stock well-made exercise clothing, such as yoga leggings, that fit all kinds of women’s bodies.

Here are tips for big busted yogis.

I’m confident you’ll find something here that you’ll want to add to cart.

Brands with plus size leggings

You may be surprised to discover how many brands offer plus size leggings these days.

This includes full length leggings for working out as well as seven-eights (7/8 length) leggings (I like these for yoga) and capri leggings.

I’ll sometimes wear capri leggings all day, not just when I’m exercising. These are all available in extended sizes.

Leggings with pockets

In addition, I’m thrilled that today’s legging options have the one feature I absolutely must have. And that would be a pocket on the leg.

Even better when leggings have pockets on both legs.

Thankfully, plenty of plus size leggings manufacturers have started adding pockets. Yeah!

Plus size personal stylists

Furthermore, a great option for trying different brands of active clothing is using an online personal stylist.

For example, my daughter has gotten a number of boxes from Dia&Co, one such online personal styling service.

She’s received workout wear as well as everyday clothing (non athleisure).

FYI, you can shop on Dia&Co as a one-off, too, as you can with Stitch Fix Freestyle.

Finally, another option, since I know that people like to shop on Amazon, is to sign up for one of Amazon’s personal styling services.  

Prime Try Before You Buy

Prime Try Before You Buy is a Prime-exclusive program where you can try on eligible items for sale on Amazon. Some items mentioned in this article qualify for Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy. That’s because you’ll discover that eligible items run the gamut and include women’s, men’s, kids’, baby clothing, shoes and accessories, plus more.

Prime Try Before You Buy is part of Amazon Wardrobe. However, it doesn’t just apply to Amazon brands.

For example, the Peloton clothing on Amazon all are a part of Prime Try Before You Buy.

How do you know if fashion items for sale on item are eligible for Prime Try Before You Buy?

You’ll see this toggle on/toggle off button on the shopping page.

peloton on amazon try before you buy circled

Try at home for free

Here are the best parts. One, you can try on up to six items at home for free.

Two, take seven days to try everything on. And, three, you’ll only pay for what you keep. Returns are free.

Sign up for Prime Try Before You Buy.

I cover these services and more in my roundup of what to buy on Amazon Prime Day.

Adidas plus size activewear and leggings

It’s amazing the options you have for Adidas plus size workout clothing on the Adidas website.

There are other stores selling plus size leggings and more from Adidas. This includes Nordstrom and Kohls.

In fact, on the Kohls website, in addition to the expected sports bras and leggings, I saw items in plus sizes (1X, 2X, 3X and 4X) that I didn’t see at other stores.

Nike activewear plus size leggings and more

I was so surprised at how many plus size Nike activewear options I found.

You can shop plus-size clothing designed for every body at Or, you can shop at other retailers that stock Nike activewear in plus sizes.

For example, you may be familiar with the traditional Nike swoosh sports bra.

My daughters lived in these during their high school sports days.

What you may not realize is that the Nike Dri Fit Swoosh Sports bras comes in sizes 1X, 2X and 3X on the Nike website.

Spanx plus size leggings

On, I found lots of plus size leggings options from Spanx.

I was impressed with how many sizes the store stocks.

In some styles the sizes went all the way up to 28W, which Spanx considers 3X.

These ranged from faux leather leggings (which look like they’re more appropriate for the club versus a spin class) to booty boosting 7/8 length leggings. Some of these were on sale during the Nordstrom anniversary sale.

Baleaf plus size activewear

I’ve written about Baleaf workout clothing in the past.

In fact, I’d included the brand in my article about sustainable exercise clothes and also my roundup of must-have Peloton accessories. 

Now I can include Baleaf as an option for people looking for some of the best plus size activewear.

Furthermore, on the Baleaf website, you can use my exclusive coupon code LEAH15 to save 15%–note: this coupon code does not work on Amazon.

There you’ll find clothing in sizes 2XL, 3XL and 4XL. This includes petite and tall options, too.

Here is my review of Baleaf clothing.

Examples of plus size leggings from Baleaf

Finally, some examples of plus size clothing from Baleaf include:

Capri leggings

Workout leggings and sweatpants with pockets

Padded bike shorts

High rise yoga leggings

Compression shorts

Where to buy Yitty shapewear by Lizzo

As I mentioned the Yitty shapewear by Lizzo is sold exclusively by Fabletics.

It is the only place online where you can buy anything in the Yitty line, including the Major Label activewear that Robin and Jess wore during the Lizzo in-studio ride.

Here’s what you need to know about Fabletics.

In order to shop these Lizzo pieces, you need to sign up for a Fabletic VIP membership.

Don’t worry though–there’s no cost to sign up and you can skip a month at any time.

Best of all, when you sign up as a VIP member of Fabletics, you can get two bottom pieces from Yitty by Lizzo for just $29.

I don’t know about you but I never get workout clothes for that cheap.

FYI, Fabletics has brick-and-mortar locations. I took these pictures in the store near me.

yitty fabletics lizzo best plus size leggings activewear pin

Where to buy plus size activewear

One of my favorite places to shop is Nordstrom.

I find that Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack offer tons of size-inclusive clothing options, such as plus size activewear.

In fact, when shopping on, you’ll often see the models that look as if they could be one of Lizzo’s back up dancers.

When you land on the Nordstrom website, you can filter your search results to include plus size activewear.

Yes, this is one of the options right on the homepage. 

Some of the brands at Nordstrom that come in extended sizes, include the following:

These brands carry popular athletic clothing designs, such as full figure sports bras, yoga leggings and plus size capri leggings or bike shorts.

So if you’re wondering where you can buy some of the best plus size sports bras, among other workout clothing options, I can say with confidence that Nordstrom is one such place.

Need sports bras for big boobs? This article can help.

Other online stores selling plus size leggings, tops and bottoms

Here are links to other places online that have plus size tops and bottoms, including leggings.

Whenever possible, I’ve shared a coupon code:

Avenue has bike shorts and leggings in plus sizes with pockets on the legs.

HerRoom has plus size sports activewear and underwear, including sports bras.

Modcloth. If your definition of being active is swimming or water sports, check out the bathing suits on Modcloth, which come in sizes up to 3X.

Final thoughts on the best plus size leggings and activewear

I would love to hear your feedback on this article.

Did I answer all of the important questions you came here looking to find answers to in your quest for plus size leggings and workout gear?

If not, please post a comment and let me know.

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