Nordstrom Trunk Club Closing

Unfortunately, Nordstrom announced in May 2022 that they were shutting down Trunk Club. I’m very sad to share that Nordstrom Trunk Club is closing/has closed. For other online styling options, including Stitch Fix, please check out this post.

For information on shopping the Nordstrom anniversary sale annually, this article can help.

In addition, you can work with personal stylists at Nordstrom for free.

Finally, for all of your answers about Nordstrom vs Nordstram Rack, please visit this article.

Trunk Club is Closed

I love shopping at Nordstrom, because of their great product selection and their excellent customer service. Note: the links I provide here are called affiliate links. That means if you click through them to shop, I will receive a small commission. There is no cost to you for using my links.

Whenever there is a sale or a shopping coupon code, I’ll post information right here, along with a link to Nordstrom or a link to Nordstrom Rack to make your shopping (and saving) easier.

Original Trunk Club review

You may have read my original Trunk Club review. It is part of a bigger story on the best online styling services. I’ve also done another review of Trunk Club for men. It, too, is part of a bigger story on online personal styling options for men. In that post you’ll get a sense of Stitch Fix vs Nordstrom Trunk Club.

But I’ve never actually done an entirely 100 percent Trunk Club review. To be honest doing a separate one just slipped my mind.

But when I got the news about the rebranding, I went back through my blog to update older posts so they had this new news. And it was then that I realized, wow, there is no single review devoted to the Nordstrom box service.

Thus this new Nordstrom Trunk Club Review.

nordstrom trunk club review

About the Nordstrom Trunk Club stylist box

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So what is Trunk Club? Well, it’s the Nordstrom service that let’s you work with an online stylist to have clothing shipped to your home.

You try that clothing on at home, keep what you want and send back what you don’t. All that shipping–to and from–is 100% free.

Now, I know that Nordstrom has always had a free personal styling service. You could use it in the store. I’ve used it in the store. The last time was a few years ago before I was going out on a book tour and needed new clothing. Now, I can have that styling come right to me. I don’t have to go to the store, and I love that convenience.

A review of how to use Nordstrom Trunk Club

To sign up for Nordstrom Trunk Club, you’ll need to go to the Trunk Club website or download the Trunk Club app. Like so many other online styling services, you’ll need to take a styling quiz to help your stylist figure out what to send you. You know, your Trunk Club outfits.

Then, you can expect to hear from your stylist to start your Nordstrom Trunk Club experience. Once a preview of your Nordstrom box is ready, you’ll get a message to review it. However, if you ever don’t like what your stylist has put together for you, you can always decline the Trunk. No harm, no foul.

Adjusting what’s in your Nordstrom Trunk Club box

There is a new feature in the Trunk preview. It let’s you swap pieces out.

For example, if your stylist chooses a shirt in a color you’re not crazy about, you can adjust it. You can also replace it entirely with something new. This was never an option before.

Choosing extras before approving your Trunk

Another newer feature is choosing up to three extras to include in your Trunk. These are not stylist-chosen items. These are things you choose yourself.

You are limited to what you can choose, however. For example, you used to be able to choose makeup, accessories and undergarments from a wide variety of options. No more.

Now, when you add extras to your Trunk, you have fewer options. In my past two Trunks, these extras were related to items in my Trunk, such as a shirt that would go with a pair of pants. There might be two or three other items and that’s it. I miss the old way of choosing extras and wish Nordstrom Trunk Club would bring it back. 

What does Trunk Club cost

Like other online styling companies and subscription boxes, Nordstrom Trunk Club charges a styling fee. It is $25. I realize this is slightly higher than the fee that other companies charges.

However, like all styling fees, you can credit that towards anything you purchase. Plus, with Nordstrom Trunk Club, there is no subscription required, no monthly cost and no hidden fees. Finally, there is an easy hack to avoid the styling fee all together.

Does Nordstrom price match?

Not only does Nordstrom price match during its clearance sale, it price matches within Trunk Club. That is, when you see a preview of your forthcoming Nordstrom Trunk, you can see markdowns for price matching.

Why you want to get a Nordstrom card

So what is that styling fee hack? Trunk Club will waive your styling fee if you’re a Nordstrom Card holder. It’s the best way to make your online personal stylist experience free.

Speaking of being a Nordstrom Card holder, you’ll get a $40 Nordstrom Note (aka rewards) to spend when you use your Nordstrom Card the day you apply.

Try on your Trunk Club outfits

Like other shop-at-home personal styling services, you are sent a certain number of items and have a limited number of days to try on your Trunk Club outfits. With Nordstrom Trunk Club, you get 10-12 pieces and have a five-day try-on period.

However, there have been times that I needed a few extra days. So I messaged my stylist and she extended the time.

Try everything on before deciding

It’s important that you try on all of your Trunk Club outfits before deciding whether you like them or not. As someone who has been using online styling services for years, here’s what I know. You cannot judge a pair of pants by its packaging.

I’ve lost count of how many tops, sweaters, pants and dresses that I thought I would hate. I made this snap decision as I took them out of my Trunk. However, once I tried them on, I found that I loved them.

Most recently this happened with a pair of Nic + Zoe “splatter” pants. They’re now part of my go-to casual dressy outfit. In fact, they’re a part of my work from home wardrobe. Here they are, below.

nic and zoe nordstrom trunk club pants review

Are you looking to build your own work from home wardrobe? Here is my blog post on work at home outfits and the companies that can help you get them. Not surprisingly, Nordstrom Trunk Club is in there.

Nordstrom Trunk Club exchanges allowed

Once you’ve tried everything on, you’ll check out in the Trunk Club app or on the Trunk Club website.

Anyway, when you check out, you have the option to exchange clothing. You’ll be able to see the inventory available for the exchange. I’ve been able to exchange items based on size as well as color. This is super convenient.

Free shipping and returns

Once you’re ready to send everything back, you’ll finish the checkout process by choosing how you’ll return your clothing. You have three options for returning a Trunk:

  1. Have FedEx come to you
  2. Take it to a designated FedEx dropoff location
  3. Bring your Trunk to your local Nordstrom department store

A review of Nordstrom Trunk Club benefits

Clearly, there are a ton of benefits to shopping through Nordstrom Trunk Club. This includes the ability to order themed Trunks, which I did when I was writing my review of the best workout clothing subscription boxes.

Also, there are Trunks for men. Here is my review of Nordstrom Trunk Club men. As far as other benefits, I’ve broken them out below.

Nordstrom Trunk Club sale

When Nordstrom has a sale, Nordstrom Trunk Club has a sale. So there’s always the chance that when you’ve requested a Trunk, it will be a Trunk Club sale.

It also offers price matching. So during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, you can really get great deals on your goods via Trunk Club.

I guess you could also call this a Trunk Club promo: the Nordstrom Nordy Club has comes to Trunk Club. That means that you can earn Nordstrom Notes and use them to pay for Trunk Club purchases. You’ll earn even more if you’re using your Nordstrom Card to pay.

One of the Nordy Club benefits is free Trunk Club alterations at Nordstrom

Nordstrom Trunk Club plus size

I haven’t included a Trunk Club blog plus size review, because that’s not the size I wear. However, again, knowing that Trunk Club is a Nordstrom company and Nordstrom carries brands with plus sizes, you can definitely sign up for a plus-size version of Trunk Club.

For example, my favorite pant brand NYDJ comes in sizes 14 plus. In addition, I’ve ordered Trunks for other people who do wear plus sizes–up to size 16–and they’ve had a positive review of a Trunk Club plus size box. So if you can buy it in Nordstrom stores in your size, you can get it in your Nordstrom box from Trunk Club.

Want to read about nine online styling companies that offer plus sizes? Click here.

Here’s what the Nordstrom site says about Trunk Club sizing:

“A full range of sizes and styles: Women’s sizes 00-28W, (XXS-4X), Petite, Plus, and Maternity.”

nordstrom trunk club plus size review

Other thoughts for this Nordstrom Trunk Club Review

Here are some other random details about this service that I wanted to include in this Nordstrom Trunk Club Review.

There is no Trunk Club for Kids

There are no Trunk Club boxes for kids. So, iff you want to sign your children up for a styling service, I would recommend Stitch Fix Kids. However, because Nordstrom stocks teen sizes aka juniors, it is possible to ask your stylist for a juniors Trunk.

You’ll pay Nordstrom prices

I mentioned earlier that when Nordstrom has a sale, Trunk Club has a sale. But the inverse is true, too. Whatever Nordstrom prices are, those are the Trunk Club prices.

Here is how the Nordstrom Trunk Club website addresses the issue of Trunk Club prices:

“Our Nordstrom-backed inventory lets you decide how much you want to spend. We carry women’s wardrobe staples such as tees, tights, denim, and blazers, as well as athleisure, business casual and formal occasion dresses. Prices range from $25-300, so really, it’s up to you!”

I’ve never received anything costing more than $200. On the flipside I’ve received plenty of items prices at $29! Then again, in your style profile you can tell your stylist what you’re comfortable spending and what your budget for your Trunk is.

U.S. street addresses are necessary to get a Trunk.

Nordstrom Trunk Club doesn’t work with military, post office box and overseas addresses. I’m sure this is because the company ships everything through FedEx. So if you have APO/FPO/DPO or PO Box address, unfortunately you can’t use Nordstrom Trunk Club.

I would direct you to read my best online stylist services blog review, which includes many other companies that will deliver to these addresses. This includes Stitch Fix, M.M.LaFleur and Dia&Co.

Finally, I’ve included Nordstrom Trunk Club in my list of the best subscription boxes for men.


  1. I just started using Trunk Club, but my experience has been the opposite. Despite having set my budget to $50-100, at least 50% of my trunk is priced at $200+. I have maybe one item under $50 per trunk. The styling has been OK so far. I think that will improve as I go along. A little disappointed.

    1. I’m sorry to hear this. Are you previewing your Trunk before they send stuff? I think you can see prices in there. If so, you can always reject items and mark that the price is too high. Hopefully, they’ll get the hint.


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