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Why am I writing this review of Stitch Fix for workout clothes now?

Because it’s been a few years since I last ordered a box of athletic wear from Stitch Fix. 

I’m working out more–what with Peloton power zone challenges, practicing yoga regularly and my strength training routine using the Peloton app.

Therefore, I desperately needed new workout clothes.

You may recall that I’d included Stitch Fix in my roundup of the best workout clothes subscription box services.

Since then I’ve gotten athletic clothing from both Wantable (they call it an active or fitness edit).

But, like I said, it had been a long time since I’d turned to Stitch Fix for leggings, yoga tops, sports bras and more. 

This is my review of Wantable.

Here now is my review of what it’s like to request a “Fix” of workout clothes from Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix for workout clothes review

As with most online styling companies, you need to set up a style profile.

Let me take you through what it was like setting up my likes and dislikes for workout wear with Stitch Fix.

By the way, you can do this on both the Stitch Fix app and on the Stitch Fix website.

The screenshots I’m including below were done on the desktop site.

Take the Stitch Fix style quiz

First, you need to start the Activewear Style quiz.

It asks, “How does activewear fit your life?”

Truth is, regardless of which kind of clothing you wanted to get from Stitch Fix, you would need to take a style quiz before your first order.

Or, you could take it again if you wanted to update your preferences. 

stitch fix take the activewear quiz

Next, the quiz askes, “What activewear or accessories do you wear?”

My options were:

  • Sports bras
  • Sports tanks
  • Sweatshirts
  • Sports tees
  • Leggings
  • Loungepants
  • Shorts
  • Sneakers

Activewear is athleisure

Why loungepants?

Because today’s activewear is also athleisure.

This is clothing that may have been originally designed for wearing to the gym or working out in, but can also be worn when running errands or just worn on a daily basis.

Anyway, from the picture below, you can see that I checked off half the items on the list.

This includes sports bras, tanks and tees as well as leggings. 

I did not choose sneakers for a simple reason.

I have wide, hard-to-fit feet.

Therefore, I’ve found that subscription boxes and online styling services like Stitch Fix do not carry wide-width shoes that I can wear.

So, instead I rely on retailers like Nordstrom and Zappos for my wide-width shoe needs.

Here is my blog post on the best wide width shoes for women.

activewear you need

Activities I pursue

After the question about what kind of clothing I wear, the Stitch Fix activewear quiz asked me what kinds of activities I pursue.

They are asking this to get a sense of the kinds of clothing I would need or wear when pursuing those activities.

My options were:

  • Walking 
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Spinning
  • Weight Training
  • Interval Training
  • Pilates 
  • Yoga
  • Barre
  • Dance
  • Boxing
  • Lounging

I checked off five of those activities, as you can see in the image below.

Ironically, I did this quiz before I got really serious about doing the Hardcore on the Floor strength calendar.

That strength work includes floor Pilates and Barre classes.

So in retrospect I should have checked off those, too.

stitch fix for workout clothes activities quiz grid

Activewear preferences

Next, the quiz asked me how frequently I wear activewear.

There were four possible answers to give.

  1. Almost every day
  2. A few times a week
  3. Several times per month
  4. Rarely

Right now I’ve got an almost five-year streak going on my Peloton.

While I may not get a blue dot on the Peloton calendar every day, I’m doing something nearly everyday.

So when it comes to my workout clothes needs from Stitch Fix and the frequency with which I wear activewear, I clicked on almost everyday, which you can see below.

frequency of wearing activewear

Stitch Fix workout clothes style preference

The next part of the Stitch Fix style quiz focuses on my style preferences for my workout clothes and athletic wear.

I won’t bore you with all the pictures and options, but here’s a quick synopsis:

Edgy look–hard no for me.

Teeny tiny sports bra–no can do.

If that describes you, too, check out my post on bras for big busted women.

Brand logo your style–I answered no but the truth is, I should have said yes.

I mean, I will proudly wear my Peloton activewear whenever possible.

And, I love seeing other Peloton users in the wild, especially when I get the chance to visit the Peloton New York studios.

Bright colors–I wrote somewhat.

Again, in retrospect I should have said yes. 

Loungewear your style–I answered no, but that’s not entirely true.

I will wear plenty of loungewear that you might call athletic wear or athleisure or workout clothes.

However, my purpose in ordering this box from Stitch Fix wasn’t to get more of what I call comfy clothes.

Thus, my answer is no answer.

What about basics? Since the picture showed sweatpants, a sweatshirt and sneakers, I said no.

Next, it asked about bold patterns. I replied with the answer, somewhat.

Finally, the last questions asked if I liked a feminine look.

Yes, yes I do.

Brand preferences for my workout clothes

In this next section of the style quiz, Stitch Fix wanted to know which brands I prefer.

As you can see from the image below, there were a ton of choices. 

stitch fix workout clothes brands

What I wasn’t clear about was whether these were brands that I prefer and which Stitch Fix stocks.

Or, was this simply the brands I liked and then Stitch Fix would send me similar ones.

The only way to find out was to check what I liked and then see what came in the box.

FYI, some of these workout brands appear in my article about famous brand logos.

Technical features in my workout clothes

One of the last questions in the Stitch Fix activewear style quiz was about technical features of the fabrics.

To be honest, this isn’t something I’d given much thought to before.

However, there weren’t a lot of options.

They were:

  • Moisture wicking
  • Compression
  • Odor control (who wouldn’t want this?)
  • Temperature control

As you can see from the image below, I chose three of the four

technical features

Stitch Fix workout clothes style quiz confirmation

Finally, I got to the confirmation page that my quiz was complete.

Now, to wait for the Fix itself to show up.

In case you didn’t realize, you can see your Fix once it ships and before it arrives.

You can do this with the Stitch Fix app.

To be honest, I forgot to check on it after I got the shipping notification.

Also, speaking of shipping, I’ve found that Stitch Fix is often a few weeks behind in shipping out boxes.

So if you sign up for Stitch Fix, schedule your first Fix immediately.

Don’t wait a week or even a few days.

The sooner you sign up and schedule your first Fix, the sooner your clothes will arrive.

Click here to sign up for a Stitch Fix box of clothing and accessories.

The workout clothes in my Stitch Fix box

A few weeks after completing the quiz, I got a notification that my box had shipped.

See, I wasn’t kidding that it can take weeks.

Three days later I showed up on my doorstep. 

We were actually getting ready to head out of town so I didn’t open it.

I wanted to keep it as a surprise gift to myself to open on vacation.

Like I mentioned earlier I didn’t even peak in the app ahead of time.

Bottom line: this was my first ever 5/5.

That is, I got five items and kept five. 

Basics of reviewing and returning Stitch Fix clothing

I would be remiss if I didn’t explain the basics of how a Stitch Fix box works.

This is important if this is your first time reading a Stitch Fix review and are unsure of how things work.

First, Stitch Fix sends you five items in a box.

Shipping is free.

Next, you have three days to try everything on, provide feedback and ship back what you don’t want to keep.

Shipping back to Stitch Fix is free.

You get a prepaid envelope to use.

Up front you’ve paid a $20 styling fee to Stitch Fix.

That $20 is applied to any clothing or accessories you keep.

Finally, if you keep everything in your box, you’ll get a 25% discount. 

Stitch Fix is not a subscription box service.

There is no monthly fee, and you can order a “Fix” whenever you want. 

Read how Stitch Fix helped me find the perfect graduation dress for my daughter’s ceremony.

Final thoughts on my workout clothes from Stitch Fix

As I mentioned this was the first time I’ve ever kept everything I got in a Stitch Fix box.

There was one athletic tee I received that I wasn’t sure I loved.

But, it was actually cheaper for me to keep it and qualify for the 25% discount then return it and pay full price for everything.

All told I got two pairs of leggings, one athletic tee, one yoga tank top and one pullover in my Fix.

Two of the items were Gaiam brand.

You’ll recall from the brand section of the quiz, Gaiam was not one of the brands mentioned.

However, I’m familiar with it as my yoga blocks and yoga mat are from Gaiam.

Here’s a link to Gaiam’s store if you want to shop that brand directly.

The pullover, long-sleeve top was Market and Spruce.

That’s a Stitch Fix-specific brand.

I have other, everyday clothing from the brand, which I love and still wear.

Finally, one of the leggings and one of the tops was from T4T.

That stands for Threads for Thought.

It’s a sustainable clothing brand that’s new to me, but I really like what I got.

You can shop the Threads for Thought brand on their website here.

I’ve included Threads 4 Thought in this roundup of sustainable activewear.

Let me know if you have any burning questions about using Stitch Fix to get workout clothes for your workout routine.

I’m happy to answer them in the comments or update this blog post if necessary.

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