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Peloton for Short Riders

Of the 3 million Peloton members, there’s no way to know how many are short riders like I am. But here’s what I can tell you: there is a #shortietribe hashtag on the Peloton leaderboard. And there’s a Peloton for … Read More

Maintaining a Peloton

I’ve had readers reach out and ask for advice about maintaining a Peloton bike. Many had already read my article on how to clean a Peloton but they wanted more information. They wanted to know about things like maintenance of … Read More

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Best Workout Sweat Towels for Peloton

If there’s one thing you’re going to need when you start using a Peloton, it’s workout sweat towels. Trust me–you’re going to sweat a lot. And that’s a good thing. Because when you’re sweating, you know you’re getting a good … Read More

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How to Clean Your Peloton

Have you ever stopped to think about how to clean your Peloton? Here’s a simple reason why you should learn: sweat damages exercise equipment. Sweat also makes things smell gross, especially if you have anything cotton or another material on … Read More

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Comparison of Peloton Cycle Versus Bike Plus

Recently, a cousin texted me, asking questions about the original Peloton cycle versus the Bike Plus. He and his wife were thinking about getting the Peloton but they weren’t sure which one to buy. Interestingly, my husband and I have … Read More

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Peloton Bike Shoes Review

What are the best Peloton bike shoes? What spin shoes are compatible with a Peloton cycle? How do the Peloton bike shoes fit? These are some of the most common questions I get about Peloton bike ownership. It seems that … Read More

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The Best Underwear for Working Out

Recently, in a Facebook group of Peloton devotees, there was an extensive discussion about the best underwear for working out. Within an hour of someone posing this question, more than 200 people have provided their feedback on what they believed … Read More

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Peloton for Kids: Is Peloton Safe for Kids

With the voluntary recall of the Peloton Tread+ and Tread machines from the CPSC, I’ve just updated this Peloton for kids blog post to take out any mention or images of children using the Tread. It now reflects the most … Read More

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What are Peloton Milestones

I’ve just updated this blog post on Peloton milestone. Recently, I celebrate two big milestones myself. I hit ride 1,300 on a live, Power Zone Endurance ride–and got  a shoutout from instructor Matt Wilpers. Then, when I did my post-ride … Read More

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How to Get a Peloton Membership Discount

Who wouldn’t want a Peloton membership discount? I mean, I like saving money as much as the next person, don’t you? I realize that the monthly Peloton membership fee itself isn’t nearly as expensive as the equipment itself. But saving … Read More

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Peloton Gifts: A Gift Guide for Peloton Lovers Updated

I’ve just updated this post on Peloton gifts for the Peloton obsessed person aka Peloton lovers in your life. It includes ideas for various holidays, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and, if you’re planning ahead, Peloton Christmas ornament … Read More

What is Peloton Power Zone Training?

Even though we’ve had our bike since 2016, I’d never heard about Peloton Power Zone training until 2019. That was when I was fortunate enough to ride in studio with instructor Matt Wilpers. It was a 60-minute rock ride. During … Read More