Hawaii Hotels with Peloton Bikes

When thinking about Hawaii hotels with Peloton bikes, I love to tell the story of my friend Stephanie. A few years ago, she was visiting Maui with her then-boyfriend (now fiance). While there she took her very first ride on … Read More

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Peloton for Short Riders

Of the 3 million Peloton members, there’s no way to know how many are short riders like I am. But here’s what I can tell you: there is a #shortietribe hashtag on the Peloton leaderboard. Plus, there’s a Peloton for … Read More

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Remote Peloton Bike Fitting: My Review

For months I’d been reading Facebook posts about people getting a remote Peloton bike fitting. Most of the people doing these bike fit sessions were in the Power Zone Pack. They wanted to make sure they were in the best … Read More

What is Peloton Power Zone Training?

Even though we’ve had our bike since 2016, I’d never heard about Peloton Power Zone training until 2019. That was when I was fortunate enough to ride in studio with instructor Matt Wilpers. It was a 60-minute rock ride. During … Read More

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Best Weights for Peloton

So, what are the best weights for Peloton? Well, it depends on how you plan to use them. As far as I can see, there are three scenarios when you might be looking for weights to use with Peloton classes. … Read More

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Organize Your Peloton Workout Calendar

Are you looking to organize your Peloton workout calendar? Or, not sure if it’s OK to ride your Peloton everyday or even exercise every day of the week? Or, maybe you’re wondering how many times a week you should do … Read More

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Peloton Digital App Review

When you get either the Peloton cycle or the Peloton Tread, you automatically “get” the Peloton digital app. That is, your subscription for your workout equipment includes a free digital membership to Peloton. But let’s be honest. Not everyone can … Read More

Texas Hotels with Peloton Bikes

Are you looking for hotels with Peloton bikes in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas or another Texas city? What about a vacation rental in Galveston or Austin? This blog post can help. This article on Texas hotels with Peloton bikes grew … Read More

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Peloton Instructors Who Wore It Best

What is Who Wore It Best? Well, if you’re following me on Instagram, then you know about this new regular feature on my feed. I’m actually calling it Who Wore It Best Wednesday. It will be all about the clothing … Read More

Hotels with Peloton Bikes in the UK Guide

In researching if there were hotels with a Peloton bike in the UK for this guide, I discovered a few things. First, London hotels with Peloton bikes have a ways to go. In other words, while hotels in London definitely … Read More

Should You Buy a Peloton Refurbished Bike

You may be wondering if it’s worth it to buy a Peloton refurbished bike. This is something that’s top of mind right now for Peloton digital app users. Why? Because recently Peloton sent an offer to all digital subscribers about … Read More

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What are Peloton Scenic Rides

I’ll never forget the first time I took one of those Peloton scenic rides. I decided to “ride” through Las Vegas. It’s a place I’ve never visited but hoped to one day. Why not take a “tour” of Sin City … Read More