Hotels in NYC with Peloton Bikes or Treads

Originally, this post about hotels with Peloton Bikes or Treads included hotels in all of New York State.

However, then I discovered that New York City has a disproportionate number of Peloton hotels.

So, I’ve created this article devoted entirely to NYC hotels with Pelotons.

Here are non-NYC hotels with Pelotons.

NYC hotels with Peloton bikes

When I first wrote that big post about hotels with Peloton bikes, I’d just returned from a trip to New York City.

I was there to ride in-person at the Peloton studios.

Anyway, I was staying at the Kimpton Eventi hotel in New York City.

So imagine my surprise when I happened to check out the hotel’s fitness center.

Right there, inside the hotel gym door, were two Peloton bikes.

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I had no idea that this was one of those hotel gyms with Peloton bikes inside.

I took the picture below.

peloton hotel new york city

And it got me thinking: how many other hotel gyms have Peloton bikes in them?

So, the research began.

These are hotels close to the Peloton studio NYC.

Now onto the citywide list of those hotels in NYC with Peloton bikes or Treads–sometimes both–in the hotel gym.

This list includes three of New York’s five boroughs.

They are:

  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan
  • Queens

Peloton bike recall and hotel bikes

Peloton recently recalled original bikes because the seat post has broken a couple dozen times and injured riders.

Which Peloton bikes are affected

So, which bikes are affected?

  • Original Peloton model Bikes sold from January 2018 to May 2023 in the United States.
  • Peloton original Bike sold in the United States only.

It does not affect the following Peloton bikes:

  • Peloton bikes sold internationally
  • North America Bike+ models
  • International Peloton Bikes

I’m sorry to report that many hotels in the United States have unplugged their Peloton bikes, because they are most likely affected by this recall.

Brooklyn NYC Hotels with Pelotons

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

I just learned about the 1 Hotel luxury brand of hotels.

There aren’t many in the U.S. right now, but they’re pretty outstanding.

The 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, with views of famous landmarks in New York, including the Brooklyn Bridge, has two Peloton Treads in the hotel gym.

Also, the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge would satisfy your need for eco-friendly lodging for sustainable travel.

Even Hotel Brooklyn

I’m told there are a couple of Peloton cycles at the Even Hotel Brooklyn.

McCarren Hotel & Pool

You’ll find the McCarren Hotel & Pool in the hip Williamsburg neighborhood.

The hotel has two Peloton bikes, which I saw mentioned on both TripAdvisor and the hotel’s Instagram feed.

New York Marriott at Brooklyn Bridge

The homepage for the New York Marriott at Brooklyn Bridge mentions that its fitness center is stocked with Peloton bikes.

However, it neither specifies how many Pelotons are there nor does it feature any pictures of them.

I’ll keep you posted if I learn more details about the cycles here.

NU Hotel Brooklyn

Located in downtown Brooklyn, the NU Hotel Brooklyn offers a 24-hour fitness center with a Peloton bike. However, use of the gym is by appointment only.

Also, only two people at a time can be working out in the gym.

So, be sure to reserve your workout time as soon as you check in at this hotel.

Manhattan hotels with Pelotons

Many of these hotels are in Midtown and close to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center. Plus, if you’re visiting during cold-weather months, you can always go ice skating at the rink at Rockefeller Center.

1 Hotel Central Park

The 1 Hotel Central Park calls its hotel gym the Field House.

I spied two Peloton bikes there.

I wonder if this space will be getting Peloton Treads like the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge did.

50 Bowery Hotel

Located in Chinatown, which is downtown Manhattan, the 50 Bowery Hotel has two Peloton bikes.

Also, if you need spin shoes, the front desk can help set you up with them.

Finally, 50 Bowery is part of the Hyatt hotel family.

Aliz Hotel Times Square

When referring to the Peloton bikes in the Aliz Hotel Times Square, the hotel calls its fitness room gym an “indoor cycling studio.” 

Andaz 5th Avenue

You’ll find one Peloton bike at the Andaz Hyatt Hotel 5th Avenue.

Arlo Midtown

The Arlo Midtown is a fairly new hotel on Manhattan’s West Side, near Hudson Yards and the Peloton Studios.

A friend stayed there recently and reported back that the two Peloton bikes there are in excellent condition.

The Beekman

Part of the World of Hyatt, The Beekman hotel has multiple Peloton spin bikes in the 24-hour, dual-level gym.

Club Quarters 128 East 45th street

The Club Quarters Hotel Grand Central at 128 East 45th street promotes unlimited use of its fitness center, which includes a Peloton bike.

Club Quarters Times Square

The newest Club Quarters hotel in New York with a Peloton bike in the CQ Fit gym and fitness center is the Club Quarters Times Square hotel.

This hotel is located on West 45th Street near Times Square.

Club Quarters World Trade Center

The Club Quarters World Trade Center hotel has at least one Peloton bike. 

Courtyard by Marriott Manhattan Central Park

A friend just got back from staying at the Courtyard by Marriott Manhattan Central Park.

She reported two Pelotons in the hotel gym.

Courtyard by Marriott Manhattan Soho

You’ll find two Peloton bikes in the hotel gym at the Courtyard by Marriott Manhattan Soho.

It’s a downtown New York City hotel.

Marriott Hotel Brands

Looking for a Marriott hotel finder for a future stay when you can earn points as part of the Marriott Bonvoy rewards program?

Then make sure you familiarize yourself with all of the various Marriott brands. 

These brands many not all have Marriott in their names, but they are all part of the Marriott family:

Finally, many Marriott hotels have amenities worth noting.

This includes Peloton bikes (sometimes the Peloton Tread), Hydrow Rowers or Tonal/lululemon Studio smart gyms, plus electric vehicle charging.

Crowne Plaza HY36 Midtown Manhattan

When I visited Peloton Studios New York in January to take two live, in-person classes (off the Peloton waitlist, no less), we stayed at the Crowne Plaza HY36 Midtown Manhattan. I like to stay at hotels that are within walking distance of PSNY.

The red arrow on the photo below shows the approximate location of the Peloton Studios in Hudson Yards. That’s how close this hotel is — you can practically see it from the hotel.

hudson yards
Hudson Yards from Crowne Plaza HY 36 Midtown Manhattan hotel. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

The Crowne Plaza HY36 Midtown Manhattan, on 36th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues, was THE NICEST one so far. If you’re in New York for some other reason and want to keep your Peloton streak going, you’ll love knowing there are two Peloton bikes in the fitness center on the 6th floor. I took the picture below.

2 peloton bikes in nyc hotel
Peloton bikes at Crowne Plaza HY 36 Midtown Manhattan. Photo credit: Leah Ingram.

The Dominick Hotel

The Dominick Hotel in Soho has two Peloton bikes in its fitness center.

In fact, when they first arrived, the hotel announced it on Facebook.

Evelyn Hotel

The Evelyn Hotel fitness center gym has a single Peloton bike.

EVEN Hotel New York – Midtown East

There are at least two Peloton bikes at the EVEN Hotel New York-Midtown East.

EVEN Hotel New York – Times Square South

I checked out the two Peloton bikes at the Even Hotel New York-Times Square South when I stayed there to cover the reopening of the Peloton studios in NYC.

At first it appeared one didn’t work.

Turns out the plug on the back of the bike had come loose.

Once I pushed it back in, the bike booted up.

peloton bikes even hotel

Both bikes have shoes or toe cages on the pedals.

And then there are SPD-compatible pedals on the other side.

The bike closest to the entrance to the fitness center, which is on the lobby level, is in the best shape.

You can adjust the seat, handlebars and everything looks brand new.

However, the second bike is in rougher shape.

I wonder if it’s older.

Anyway, the handle you turn to move the seat up and down is stripped.

So, it just keeps turning and turning.

Frederick Hotel

You’ll find one Peloton bike in the hotel gym at the Frederick Hotel

Freehand New York

The Freehand brand of hotels is a new one for me.

Therefore, I’m excited to add the Freehand New York to this list of Peloton hotels in New York City.

In fact, there is a Groupon you can use for the Freehand New York hotel.

You’ll find the Pelotons in the 24-hour gym.

Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC

The hip Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC hotel in the hip Meatpacking district is just blocks from the original Peloton studio.

Even so, the hotel has a Peloton cycle in the hotel fitness center.

I’ve heard that you can get spin shoes at the front desk, too.

Nice touch.

Graduate Hotel NYC

The Graduate Hotel NYC on Roosevelt Island has a single Peloton bike in the hotel gym.

Greenwich Hotel

There is one Peloton bike in the hotel gym at the Greenwich Hotel.

FYI, despite its name, this hotel is not in Greenwich Village.

It is on Greenwich Street in the Tribeca neighborhood in downtown Manhattan.

Hotel 48 Lex

Not surprisingly for Manhattan geography, Hotel 48 Lex is located at 48th Street and Lexington Avenue.

As far as the Peloton situation here, there is at least one cycle in the hotel gym.

InterContinental Barclay

At the InterContinental Barclay hotel in Midtown Manhattan, you can have a Peloton delivered to your room for your private use.

James New York NoMad

The NoMad in the James New York NoMad hotel’s name means “North of Madison Square Park.”

As it happens Madison Square Park is a stone’s throw from Peloton’s original studio space on 23rd Street.

Kimpton Eventi Hotel

I can confirm, as mentioned earlier, that the Kimpton Eventi Hotel in midtown has two Peloton bikes.

Kimpton hotels are part of the Intercontinental chain.

Kixby Hotel

Around the corner from both Macy’s Department Store and the Empire State Building, the Kixby Hotel has one Peloton bike in its fitness center.

Loews Regency New York

The Loews Regency New York has at least two Peloton bikes in the fitness center.

Lotte New York Palace

Overlooking St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center, the Lotte New York Palace is a posh hotel in Midtown.

There are a number of in-room Peloton options here.

One, you can book a Skyview Suite.

Not only does it come with a Peloton cycle, but also a treadmill and yoga equipment for your practice.

Two, there are the Lotte New York Palace penthouses.

They, too, have Pelotons.

However, it’s not clear if the hotel’s fitness center has Pelotons as well.

I’ll check on that and update this post once I find out.

Modernhaus Soho

While looking for information on the Soho Grand Hotel and if it had a Peloton bike (it doesn’t), I came across the Modernhaus Soho hotel.

Located near the Soho Grand, this hotel does have one Peloton bike in its fitness center and hotel gym.

Muse Hotel

The last time I stayed at the Muse Hotel near Times Square, I was there to ride at the Peloton studios.

Unfortunately, I overslept and missed my class with Hannah Corbin.

At that time there weren’t any Peloton bikes in the Muse Hotel gym.

That’s all changed. Now there are two Pelotons there.

New York Hilton Midtown

One of the largest hotels in all of New York City, the New York Hilton Midtown is a great place to stay.

It’s near Times Square, Broadway, Rockefeller Center and more.

Best of all, the hotel gym has at least two Peloton bikes in it.

Hilton Hotel Finder

In Fall 2022 Hilton hotels announced that they were putting Peloton bikes in every U.S. Hilton hotel by year’s end.

That’s great news for Peloton users.

However, in early 2023, my husband stayed at an Embassy Suites by Hilton hotel in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and there was not a Peloton in sight in the hotel gym.

So, caveat emptor.

Also, not all Hilton hotels have Hilton in the name, though many do.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a Hilton hotel, you should know all of the brands in the Hilton family.

You’ll find them in alphabetical order here in my Hilton Hotel Finder.

I’ve included a link directly to each Hilton brand so you can book a room directly with Hilton.

Finally, even if a Hilton hotel doesn’t have a Peloton bike, you may want to book a stay in a Five Feet to Fitness room. These guestrooms have workout centers in them, including 11 different pieces of cardio and strength equipment.

Omni Berkshire Place New York

The Omni Berkshire Place New York, right smack dab in Midtown Manhattan, has two Peloton bikes in its fitness center.

Park Central Hotel

The Park Central Hotel has taken a unique approach to offering Peloton bikes in room.

That is, they’ve created FitPod rooms that are exclusively for working out–not sleeping in.

Anyway, you can rent these FitPods for 90 minutes at a time for a nominal fee.

Last I checked it was $30.

Finally, according to the Facebook post, below, anyone can rent these workout rooms, not just hotel guests.

fitpod exercise hotel room

Park Hyatt New York

According to a Hyatt hotels representative I spoke to, when you stay in a suite at the Park Hyatt New York, you can request to have a Peloton bike brought to your room–for free (it appears).

As far as the fitness center and gym at the hotel, it, too, has Peloton bikes.

And, according to the Facebook post shown here, there are two Pelotons there.

Park Lane Hotel

Located on Central Park South, near what’s now known as Billionaire’s Row, the Park Lane Hotel just reopened after a massive renovation.

I’m told the fitness center has at least two Peloton bikes on site.

Pendry Manhattan West

One of the newest hotel in New York City, the Pendry Manhattan West is located in the same complex, on the Westside of Manhattan, as the Peloton New York Studios.

So, I guess it should come as no surprise that the hotel has Peloton bikes in its fitness center.

In addition, guests can request to have a bike delivered to their room.

This article focuses on hotels nearest to the Peloton westside NYC studios.

The Pierre

The Pierre Hotel on Fifth Avenue, across from Central Park, is a hotel with Peloton bikes in room.

Radisson Hotel New York Wall Street

The Radisson Hotel New York Wall Street has at least one Peloton cycle.

You can use this link to book the Radisson Hotel New York Wall Street directly, if interested.

Residence Inn by Marriott Downtown

At the Residence Inn by Marriott Downtown, near the World Trade Center, I understand there are Peloton bikes, a Peloton Tread, plus Mirror lululemon Studio (formerly the Mirror by Lululemon) and Tonal workout equipment.

Someone should let the property know that they have Peloton spelled as Peleton on the fitness center webpage.

Residence Inn Courtyard by Marriott Central Park

The Residence Inn Courtyard by Marriott Central Park is located on Broadway and 54th Street, just north of Times Square and very near to Central Park.

It is basically two Marriott brands in one hotel location.

Anyway, you’ll find two Peloton bikes in the hotel gym, despite what the hotel fitness page says–no mention of the Pelotons.

Both have a fairly nice view of the Manhattan skyline.

Ritz Carlton New York NoMad

The Ritz-Carlton New York NoMad hotel is the second Ritz-Carlton property in New York City.

It includes the Ritz-Carlton Suite that comes with its own private Peloton bike.

The hotel’s fitness center also has Peloton cycles in it.

The Roger Hotel

Even if I hadn’t read multiple reviews about The Roger Hotel’s Peloton bike, I would have found the following listed under hotel amenities on the website:

“24-hour fitness center with Peloton bike.”

Sheraton New York Times Square

It was big news in 2018 when the Sheraton New York Times Square hotel debuted the Peloton room in its fitness center.

There are 10, count ’em 10, Peloton bikes in the space.

In addition, a photo of the Peloton bike room is the featured image on the Sheraton New York Times Square’s web page for the fitness center.

Sixty Soho Hotel

There are two kinds of suites at the Sixty Soho hotel that have Peloton bikes right in the room.

One, you could book one of the Thompson Suites that has an in-room Peloton.

Or, two, you could book a Soho Thompson Loft Suite.

Some of these also have Peloton bikes right in the room.

The Standard High Line

Most of the Standard Hotels in the U.S. and in London have Peloton bikes in their gyms.

Perhaps that’s because the hotel CEO is a devout Peloton user.

Anyway, The Standard HighLine gym has two Peloton bikes.

Why does it have the word highline in the name?

Because this Standard hotel (and its gym) are adjacent to the High Line elevated walking path in NYC.

Tempo by Hilton New York Times Square

The Tempo by Hilton New York Times Square is accepting reservations now. You’ll definitely want to check this hotel out because it includes the Hilton Wellness rooms with a Peloton bike inside.

Thompson Hotel Central Park South

Formerly the Parker Hotel, the Thompson Hotel Central Park South is part of the Hyatt family.

Recently, the Thompson added four Peloton bikes to the hotel gym.

The Wallace Hotel

The Upper West Side of Manhattan is not known for having lots of hotels–it’s more residential.

So I was thrilled to learn about the opening of The Wallace Hotel.

Also, because it has Peloton bikes for guests to use.

The Westin Grand Central

A friend recently stayed at the Westin Grand Central.

She told me this: there are SIX Peloton bikes there in the Westin Grand Central gym.

However, I’m not sure there are that many anymore.

For example, when I grabbed the photo, below, of the Westin Grand Central gym, it only shows four Pelotons.

It’s from the Westin Grand Central website.

So maybe the two other bikes that were in the Westin Grand Central gym are now in guestrooms?

I’ll check it out and let you know what I find out.

Westin New York Times Square

Guess what you’re going to find in the West Times Square gym?

Yup, that’s right–this hotel’s fitness center has Peloton bikes.

That important piece of information is mentioned right on the Westin Times Square gym’s fitness page.

W Hotel New York

A friend tipped me off that the W Hotel New York gym in Times Square might have a Peloton bike.

When I looked on the W Times Square website, I did not see a mention of the any Pelotons.

However, here’s what I discovered: when I looked through the pictures of the gym, I spied two Peloton bikes tucked in the back of the gym.

Yotel Hotel New York

I can confirm that there are two Peloton bikes in the hotel gym at the Yotel Hotel New York.

See the picture below.

In addition, some other sites are reporting that the hotel’s VIP Suite (with a round bed) comes with a Peloton bike right in the room.

However, I was not able to independently confirm this.

So, if you want to book a New York hotel with a Peloton in the room, I wouldn’t count on the Yotel to be able to get that for you.

Queens NYC Hotels with Pelotons

TWA Hotel

The TWA Hotel is a retro airport hotel that looks like it walked right out of another place and time.

Even though the ambiance is throwback, the TWA gym is 21st century.

There are more than a dozen–yes, a dozen–Peloton bikes in this hotel gym.

You go, TWA Gym!

The TWA Hotel is on the AirTrain line at JFK airport.

You get off at the JetBlue terminal to get to the hotel.

I’ll be honest–the last time I flew into JFK, I was tempted to make a detour to the TWA Hotel.

Final thoughts on NYC hotels with Pelotons

Like all of the articles I write about hotels with Peloton bikes in the hotel gym, this one is a work in progress.

So, the more New York hotels with Peloton bikes I discover, the more I’ll update this post.

Finally, if you happen to stay in a New York hotel–anywhere in New York–and you find a Peloton in the gym, please let me know.

Same with if you work at or represent a hotel in New York with Pelotons.

I want to hear from you.

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  1. What an amazing list! I don’t have a Peloton, but it’s always a treat to stay at a hotel with one when I travel. Now I have a pre-vetted list for my next trip to NYC!

  2. I recently stayed at the Kimpton Eventi hotel and was surprised to find a Peloton in their fitness center. It made keeping up with my workouts so convenient. I’ve been planning a trip to Manhattan and the the Aliz Hotel Times Square seems like a fantastic option. Thanks for the recommendations.

  3. Had no idea so many hotels in NYC had peloton bikes. This is fantastic!! Love to get a quick work out on especially when visiting during the winter months when it’s harder to get outside. Will definitely be booking one of these for my next visit there. Thank you!