The Best Plus Size Online Stylist Services

When I first started writing about personal styling services years ago, there was no such thing as a plus size online stylist. Thankfully, times have changed, and the companies that provide personal styling services that you can use from home have accepted a wide range of women’s body sizes.

This acceptance includes some of the biggies in the online styling space, such as Stitch Fix. Even true clothing subscription services, such as Fabletics, have expanded their sizes to be inclusive of plus size bodies.

I’ve written reviews of the best online styling services. However, I thought it was high time to focus exclusively on reviewing the best online stylist options for plus size clothing. 

Of course, I want to call plus size real sizes because, let’s face it, not everyone is a size zero. I’m not a size zero. And I’ve never been anywhere close to that. So I understand the importance of companies that offer clothing for every woman’s body. In fact, in today’s world I think every fashion brand should be as inclusive as possible, and that includes with sizing.

List of companies offering plus size online stylist services

I’ve found six online styling companies or women’s clothing subscription boxes that offer a plus size option. (Nordstrom has closed Trunk Club so it’s no longer included in this article.)

They are:

  1. Amazon 
  2. Dia&Co
  3. Fabletics
  4. MM La Fleur
  5. Stitch Fix Plus
  6. Wantable

Below, I’ve reviewed each of the services–or asked someone I know to try them out on my behalf. I’ve outlined the details of how each of these services works, included the monthly fee or styling fee, detailed the kinds of clothing you can expect to receive, and provided the pros and cons. These online stylist services are listed here in alphabetical order.

Finally, you may wonder why neither Gwynnie Bee nor Stylogic are included in this roundup. Well, originally it was. I signed up, paid for and tried out the service. So did my millenial daughter. And neither of us was impressed. Honestly, all I could come up with were cons about both companies so I decided not to included them in this review. I don’t think it’s worth it for you to try them out either.

Amazon Prime Plus Size Online Clothing Services

Believe it or not, Amazon Prime offers an online clothing service that would work for a plus-size woman.

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It’s called Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy.

Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy

Prime Try Before You Buy is a Prime-exclusive program. In other words, you have to have a Prime membership to use it. 

It allows you to shop for women’s clothing, shoes and accessories, among other categories. For the purpose of this review of plus size online stylists, I’m just focusing on the clothing options.

How Amazon Prime Try Before Your Buy Works

You can try up to six items at home and pay for only what you keep. In order to receive clothing in the proper size, you want to use the left-side menu on the page to narrow down choices.

So, when you decide to start using Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy, do the following:

  1. Click women
  2. Then click clothing
  3. Scroll all the way down on the left side to “special sizes” (which also include petite and tall)
  4. Click on plus size.
  5. From there you can narrow down your clothing choices even more to, say, jeans or jumpsuits or sweaters or shorts, just to name a few.
  6. Finally, start shopping. 

Cost for Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy

There is no upfront cost to Amazon Prime Before You Buy online stylist service. Just choose the six items you want sent to you. Then, whatever you decide to keep is what you pay for. Finally, shipping is free both ways.

Pros of Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy

  • No monthly fee
  • No payments upfront
  • Flexibility to choose across categories
  • Seven-day try-on period 

Cons of Amazon Prime Try Before Your Buy

  • Must be a Prime member
  • Even though you have to be a Prime to use, Prime Try Before You Buy does not qualify for free one- or two-day shipping. So items take longer to arrive.

Overall thoughts on Amazon Prime Try Before You Buy

If you’re already a Prime member and buying clothing on Amazon, why not take it up a notch and try this free service. Sign up for Prime Try Before You Buy here.

Amazon Prime personal styling service

Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe is a new personal stylist service. It is exclusive for Prime members, and provides style inspiration and personalized recommendations.

How Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe works

Since this personal shopping program is more akin to a traditional online styling service, you’ll start by taking a style quiz. Basically, you’ll tell the Amazon personal shopper your likes and dislikes, plus you’ll share your sizes. 

A few days later, you’ll get a notification that you have a preview of the eight items your personal shopping has picked for you. Then, you can go in and uncheck any items you’re not interested in receiving. You can add a note, too, to suggest something else to send.

Cost for Amazon Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe

It costs just $4.99 a month, which covers one styling per month. Also, you have to pay for any clothing you choose.

Pros of Amazon Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe

  • You can get up to eight pieces in each styling package. 
  • Seven days to try everything on.
  • Shipping is free.

Cons of Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe

  • If, during the preview, you uncheck any items your stylist has picked, you may not receive all eight pieces. In other words, by telling the stylist you don’t want to have something sent, there’s no guarantee they’ll replace it with something else. You may just receive fewer pieces.
  • Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe is available via mobile only. So, if you like to shop on your desktop, you’re SOL with this service.

Overall thoughts on Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe

Considering most traditional online styling services charge a $20 styling fee, Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe, at $4.99, is a real bargain. So, if you’re interested, sign up using this link. Again, you can only sign up and shop for Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe via mobile. 

Dia&Co Plus Size Online Stylist Service

Dia&Co.’s demographic is women size 14 and up who wear plus-size clothing. You can shop Dia&Co in two ways. One, you can use it like a traditional subscription box. Two, you can shop it for one-off pieces.

How Dia&Co works

Like other online stylist services, Dia&Co uses an online questionnaire to build your style profile. Then, you can order a traditional clothing box with five pieces in it. You can request everyday clothing or workout clothing.

In addition, Dia&Co has expanded from just being an online stylist to being a full-fledge online store. Introducing Dia&Co’s Online Store. Now you can shop the styles you want, when you want at!  

When my daughter Jane tried out Dia&Co, she determined that three of the five items from Dia&Co. were keepers. Those keepers were a black maxi dress she could dress up or dress down, a pink party dress, and a black-and-white chevron-detailed blouse with orange accents. She sent back the remaining two items in the postage-paid package Dia&Co. provided.

Dia&Co discount

Want to get 25% off your Dia box? You’ll qualify for this discount when you keep all five items from your subscription box. Also, you can always give the gift of a dream wardrobe and a personal stylist with a Dia & Co gift card!

How much Dia&Co plus size online stylist service costs

You’ll pay a $20 styling fee to use Dia&Co traditional subscription box service. The $20 is deducted from what you decide to keep.

Pros of Dia&Co

Cons of Dia&Co. Subscription Box

To be honest there aren’t a lot of cons to outline for Dia&Co. It was the first plus-size online stylist service we tried, and we’re still a fan.

However, to be fair and balanced, there is one drawback: Dia&Co ships only to the 50 United States. It does not ship to military address or to U.S. territories.

Overall thoughts on Dia&Co subscription

As I mentioned in the introduction, Dia&Co has changed how it lets you get clothes sent to you. And I love these changes.

Previously, when you signed up for Dia&Co, you would have to request a new box. Now you can subscribe and you can choose how often you want to receive your box of clothing–kind of like an online stylist in a box on autopilot. Your choices include a new box of clothes every 15 days, every month or every other month.

In addition, you can shop Dia&Co’s Online Store now. So you don’t have to request a subscription box for clothing, although that is still, of course, an option.

Fabletics Online Activewear Subscription Box

Both of my daughters have signed up for Fabletics. Fabletics is all activewear or athleisure, created by Kate Hudson. It is more of a traditional subscription box than an online stylist.

I’m including it in this roundup of the best plus size online stylist services because it is size inclusive. Fabletics sells workout clothing up to size 4X. In addition, bra sizes go up to a 46 band size.

How Fabletics works

When you sign up for the Fabletic VIP membership, you’ll take a quiz about your fashion sense, your style and your workout schedule. By telling Fabletics how you will be wearing your clothes, they can customize what they send each month.

Membership costs $49.95 each month. That $49.95 basically gets you a new workout outfit (two pieces) each month. It could be a bra and leggings, or a top and leggings, or a bra and top. 

You can preview what’s coming from Fabletics each month, but you have very little flexibility on changing things up. The Fabletics FAQ says the only customization you can enable is changing the “impact” of your sports bra–low, medium or high impact based on your activities.

What does Fabletics cost

As I mentioned the Fabletics monthly VIP membership is $49.95. For that you get two outfits. However, membership also unlocks the ability to buy other Fabletics workout gear at up to 50% off. Considering how expensive Peloton apparel is, Fabletics is a great deal for people who work out on a regular basis or love to live in athleisure clothing. 

Pros of Fabletics

Cons of Fabletics

  • Unless you remember to skip a month by the 5th on the calendar, you’ll be charged the monthly $49.95 fee.
  • Only sells the Fabletics brand of clothing (if you’re looking for brand variety)

Overall thoughts on Fabletics

Like I said both of my daughters love Fabletics. Even though I listed as a con that you’re only getting the Fabletics brand of clothing, my girls tell me their leggings are the best. They wash well, last a long time and, best of all, are never see through. I’d included Fabletics in my review of the best activewear subscription boxes.

Like what you’ve read? Sign up for Fabletics VIP membership using this link, and get two pair of leggings for just $24.

Finally, if you want to buy Lizzo’s line of activewear, you’ll need to sign up for Fabletics. I explain more about that in this article about the best plus size leggings for women.

MM LaFleur Online Stylist Services Plus Sizes

I first learned about MM LaFleur when I needed to take my daily wardrobe to the next level. Sure, I was still working from home (and relying on my work from home wardrobe). However, on a regular basis, I now needed much dressier, corporate clothing for attending events. MM. LaFleur was the perfect antidote to my fashion situation.

What is MM LaFleur

MM LaFleur is an online personal styling service without an online subscription fee.

With MM.LaFleur’s personal styling service, you have a few ways to shop or get a clothing stylist help online. You can shop via the website using an personal stylist online or in person at one of their two physical locations. One is in New York City, and the other is in Washington, DC.

What is MM LaFleur clothing like

MM La Fleur carries dresses, separates, knits or accessories. Prices range from $110 for tops for the workplace to $325 for dresses.

Sizes go up to the equivalent of 22W but the sizing is a lot like Chico’s. That is, sizes above size 16 in the plus category are labeled as size 1, size 2 or size 3.

Pros of MM LaFleur Online Styling

Cons of MM LaFleur Online Styling

  • MM LaFleur sells only its brand of clothing. So, unless you’ve worn it before, you probably won’t know how things fit. 
  • MM LaFleur’s price points are higher than other styling companies. 

Overall thoughts on MM LaFleur Online Styling

If you’re a boss who needs to look professional, regardless of what size you wear, then MM LaFleur is your online styling solution. It’s the one online stylist service I feature here that has the office or workplace in mind. I’ve been super happy with all of the clothing I’ve gotten from MM LaFleur.

Stitch Fix Plus Online Stylist

I’ve been a Stitch Fix customer since 2015. I’ve written about the online styling service a few times on my blog, including about Stitch Fix Men, the men’s styling service that debuted in 2016.

The next year, Stitch Fix announced Stitch Fix Plus. Its purpose is offering online styling services for women who wear so-called plus sizes.

What is Stitch Fix Plus Size

Stitch Fix Plus includes sizes 14W-24W, 1X-3X and offers a range of styles from more than 90 brands. This is in addition to existing women’s sizes of 0-16, XS-XXL, maternity, petite and multiple lengths of pants and denim to accommodate varying heights.

Like the other Stitch Fix online styling options, each Stitch Fix Plus “fix” (as they’re known colloquially) costs $20. That $20 is deducted if you buy any of the clothes you decide to keep. If you buy everything in your box, you get a 25 percent discount as well.

Here’s another money-saving option you may not know about: When you create an account and refer a friend who creates an account, you’ll get $25 towards free clothing from a future Fix!

Stitch Fix Freestyle

Stitch Fix now has something called Stitch Fix Freestyle. It allows you to buy clothing outside of working with a personal stylist.

Pros of Stitch Fix Plus

  • $20 styling fee
  • 25% discount if you keep everything in your “fix”
  • $25 off when you share your referral link with others
  • Free shipping both ways via USPS
  • Ability to shop outside a “fix” with Stitch Fix Freestyle

Cons of Stitch Fix Plus

  • Three days to try everything on and return. However, you can request an extension if necessary
  • Can take a few orders to get in sync with your stylist

Overall thoughts on Stitch Fix Plus online stylist

To me Stitich Fix is the original online styling service. I’ve been using it since 2015. It’s helped me find special occasion clothing, and my husband has used it, too. There’s even a Stitch Fix Kids these days. So I feel confident recommending it to curvy girls looking for a plus size online stylist.

Wantable Plus Size Online Styling Company

Wantable offers two kinds of online styling services for women who wear plus size clothing. There is the Wantable Style Edit, which is everyday clothing. And then there is the Wantable Active Edit, which is athleisure and fitness clothing.

Wantable plus size

When you do the style edit quiz or the active edit quiz, Wantable asks you for your sizes. There are definitely Wantable plus size options.

With tops and bottoms, you can choose up to size 3X. With bras you can go up as high as 46E+.

And since Wantable asks you how tall you are and what you weigh, in the weight category you can go as high as 350 pounds.

How much is a Wantable box

With Wantable that styling fee is just $20. It’s the same fee whether you sign up for a Style Edit or an Active Edit.

Like other companies, that $20 is deducted from whatever you buy from your box. So your only Wantable cost upfront is that $20. You add a credit card when you sign up for Wantable. It’s then charged $20 before your box is sent.

Finally, if you keep everything five or more of the pieces Wantable sent, you get 20% off.

Pros of Wantable plus size styling

  • $20 styling fee
  • Wide variety of brands you recognize
  • Seven pieces per box
  • Free shipping both ways
  • 20% off for keeping five or more items

Cons of Wantable plus size styling

  • You have to choose either a Wantable Style Edit or a Wantable Active Edit. You cannot combine them.
  • Exchanges aren’t straightforward and easy
  • Shopping the “Wantable Stream” can be confusing for new users
  • No ability to preview and edit the clothing in your Edit before it ships

Overall thoughts on Wantable plus size online stylist

In my original review of the Wantable styling service, I’d mentioned how I learned about the company. Their ad showed up in my Facebook feed, directed at current Stitch Fix customers–me! I was so intrigued that I signed up for Wantable on the spot. 

Since then I’ve received a number of Wantable boxes. From them I’ve gotten activewear I wear regularly–I love the Spirtual Gangster brand–as well as everyday clothing. This is another online stylist service I continue to use regularly and recommend you check out, too.

Final thoughts on the Best Plus Size Online Stylist Services

Have I missed a online styling company that you’ve used and which stocks plus sizes? If so, please post a comment and let me know. I’ll be sure to check it out.