nordstrom trunk club

Nordstrom Trunk Club Review Updated

I’m updating this Nordstrom Trunk Club Review for a couple of reasons. One, recently, Nordstrom announced that Trunk Club, the stylist box the company owns, has rebranded the service as Nordstrom Trunk Club. That’s so cool that they’ve updated the … Read More

woman using tonal at four season hotel california

Tonal Hotel Finder and Mirror Workout Locator

I decided to write this Tonal hotel finder and Mirror workout locator article for a couple of reasons. One, many of the hotel gyms listed in my hotels with Peloton bikes also have Tonal machines or Mirror by Lululemon workout … Read More

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Best Men’s Monthly Subscription Boxes

Did you end up here because you’re looking for the best men’s monthly subscription boxes? Well, I’m confident I can help. Our family has been enjoying subscription services for nearly a decade now. And my husband is no stranger to … Read More

How the Peloton Referral Program Works

Did you know that there is a Peloton referral program? That is, when you refer friends and family when buying a Peloton bike or Tread, you both benefit. They get money off accessories and you get free clothing.  But I’m … Read More

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Best Workout Socks for Peloton

I get so many questions about what are the best workout socks for Peloton. So, I decided to write this article that answers that question, once and for all.  What’s fascinating is that when it comes to socks and Peloton, … Read More

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Peloton Digital App Review

When you get either the Peloton cycle or the Peloton Tread, you automatically “get” the Peloton digital app. That is, your subscription for your workout equipment includes a free digital membership to Peloton. But let’s be honest. Not everyone can … Read More

Womens Wide Width Dress Shoes

This post on womens wide width dress shoes includes two categories of dressy shoes. First, there are traditional heels and formal shoes. Second, I’ve included boots and booties. Why? Because I know that I like wearing boots and booties with … Read More

best wide width shoes for women

Womens Wide Casual Shoes

This post on womens wide casual shoes grew out of this much larger article on the best wide width shoes for women. That article covered nearly every kind of shoe under the sun. And, frankly, it got too long to … Read More

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After St Patricks Day Sale Ideas

Now that March 17 has come and gone, you may be wondering about St Patricks Day sale opportunities. That is, what is marked down and put on sale after St. Patrick’s Day. And, what is great to stock up on … Read More

Should You Buy a Refurbished Peloton Bike

You may be wondering if it’s worth it to buy a refurbished Peloton bike. Last fall this was top of mind right for Peloton digital app users. Why? Because Peloton had sent an offer to all digital subscribers about a … Read More

Crop shot of an attractive woman wearing jeans with stylish ruby red flat shoes sitting on a stairs, her hand grab a reusable isolated water bottle. Plastic-free, No straw, Eco, Zero waste concept.

Best Wide Width Shoes for Women

You know how I know how impossible it is to find the best wide width shoes for women? Because I have double wide feet. Do you have wide or double wide width feet like I do? Are you looking for … Read More

wantable style edit review

Wantable Style Edit Review

I’ve just updated this Wantable Style Edit Review for 2022. Last year I discovered this online styling service when an ad for Wantable showed up in my Facebook feed. The ad talked about Stitch Fix customers loving Wantable. So I … Read More

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Peloton Magic Pants and Shirts

I was today year’s old when I learned that magic pants are a thing in the Peloton crowd. Don’t know what magic pants are? They are leggings that people wear that are anything but black. So, they are Peloton leggings … Read More

Best Wide Dress Shoes for Men

It’s always a challenge to find the best men’s dress shoes for my husband’s wide feet. Usually, what happens is this: he finds a pair that fits his extra-extra wide foot and high arch, and then he buys multiple pairs … Read More

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Common Questions about Peloton Bike Shoes

There are so many questions about Peloton bike shoes that I decided I should write a separate article devoted solely to this topic. That is, a genuine Q&A about Peloton cycling shoes. It grew out of this original article that … Read More