Peloton FAQ: Common Questions Users Ask Plus Answers

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I know that when I first entered the Peloton world, I could have benefitted from a Peloton FAQ. With Peloton you need to get up to speed on lots of words, phrases and abbreviations, and fast.

I’ve had my Peloton since 2016. Therefore, now I understand what different Peloton words and phrases mean.

However, I realize that if you’re new to the Peloton ecosystem, you might not have any idea what instructors are talking about during class. Or, maybe you met a Peloton users in the wild. Then, that person asked what your leaderboard name was or what tags you follow.

Peloton FAQ

So, I’ve created this Peloton FAQ or frequently asked questions. I’m providing the definitions or explanations for some of most common Peloton terms that can confuse new users.

peloton faq for everyone

FAQ about the Peloton Leaderboard

What is the leaderboard, aka the LB? Well, if you watch golf or racing or “Dancing with the Stars,” then you know exactly what a leaderboard is. Me? I had no clue.

Basically, the leaderboard is a board (usually) that shows the position of certain competitors in a race or competition.

On the Peloton, the Leaderboard is the overlay on the screen (or the app) on the right hand side that shows your position in class as well as the position of everyone else in the class with you.

Peloton classes On Demand

I knew the term ‘on demand’ from having cable TV. Basically, something you want to watch that was recorded previously but you can queue up and press ‘play’ when it’s convenient for you.

On Peloton it’s the same.

Every class that is broadcast live is recorded and placed in an On Demand library. Sometimes instructors record classes exclusively for On Demand.

Encore classes

What’s the FAQ about Encore classes? Well, what are they since they aren’t the same as On Demand classes.

An Encore is a class that’s been previously recorded. However, it is being re-broadcast like a live class. Therefore, it will show up on the Peloton schedule with live classes.

When it does, the class will say “Encore” underneath it, instead of “Live.” Fun fact: when looking at the Peloton schedule on your Bike, you can toggle a switch to hide all Encore classes. This is a handy trick if you want to ride Live only.

Here is my blog post that explains how the Peloton class schedule works.

FAQ: What’s a High Five?

When you’re in a class with other people–on the bike, on the Peloton app, on the Tread–you can double tap on a person’s picture to send them a high five. You do this as a sign of support or ‘you go girl (or guy)’ just to be friendly.

I’ll often high five people who share my tags or are from my hometown.

FYI, on the bike or Tread, you can see when people have high fived YOU on the left hand side of the screen. You can see it in the app at the bottom of the screen.

However, I have found that when I try to high five people from my laptop, I can’t see things well. So, I don’t usually send out any high fives when I do classes that way.

Peloton Tags

Yeah, I just threw that out there, didn’t I? ‘I’ll often high five people who share my tags.’ What the heck are tags?

Well, first, it’s short for hashtags.

Second, you can add up to 10 hashtags to your profile. This allows you to find people who have similar interests. Additionally, you can identify people who are in the crew or tribe of their favorite instructors.

Third, tags let you know if you have similar interests. I see plenty of tags related to colleges and universities, such as #goblue.

Fourth, you can find people who live near one another or are from the same place. For example there is a #pelotoncalifornia tag as well as ones for towns in the state.

Where do I find my Peloton tags?

You need to go into your profile settings to add tags. However, you need to do this on the Peloton hardware–aka the Bike or Tread–or the Peloton website. As of this writing, I have not been able to figure out how to work with my tags when I access Peloton through the app or my Roku TV.

When you’re in a ride with other people who share your tags, the hashtag will show up in blue under their profile on the Leaderboard. Again, this color change only shows up on classes taken on the hardware.

Peloton FAQ: What is Just Ride mode

If you want to ride your Peloton bike but you don’t want to take a class, per se, you have two options. One, you can log onto one of the scenic rides. (Here’s my review of Peloton scenic rides.) Two, you can start Just Ride mode.

What is Just Ride mode? Exactly as it sounds. You start Just Ride mode and pedal away. Cadence, resistance and output all work during a Just Ride-ride. There’s nothing on the screen–just the metrics.

Why would you use Just Ride mode

Just Ride mode is a great option if you want to move your legs but you don’t want to commit to a class. Or, if you need to do work at home or get on a Zoom call–but you also want to keep your Peloton streak going–you can put your SpinTray on your bike, start Just Ride and off you go.

Where is Just Ride on the Peloton?

How to find and start Just Ride mode? One, look at the bottom of the Peloton home screen. See the icon and the word “More”? Tap that. Two, there you’ll find the two aforementioned, non-class options: Scenic Rides or Just Ride. Tap on Just Ride to enable Just Ride mode.

A Just Ride-ride will count towards your total rides. So be mindful that you don’t “waste” a milestone on Just Ride.

FAQ: How to pause Peloton class

For the longest time, whenever anyone asked how to pause a Peloton class, the answer was, you can’t. Well, at least you couldn’t on the Peloton bike.

Pause a Peloton class on demand on the bike

Now, you can, but with a caveat. You can only pause a Peloton class that you’re taking On Demand. In other words, not live. Or not an Encore class being broadcast like a live class.

However, On Demand, you’re good. In fact, I recently paused a Peloton class that I was taking on the bike, even though it was a floor strength class.

I just tapped the screen of my bike or the tablet, and I was able to pause the class. See the photo, below, for what it looks like when you pause a Peloton class.

You’ll notice that you can pause the class for only 60 minutes. That’s enough time to run to the bathroom, answer the door, deal with a crying child, let the dog out or pick up your water bottle that fell.

what it looks like when you pause a peloton class

Finally, you still cannot pause a class on the Peloton Tread. That is the hardware, the actual Peloton treadmill. Maybe soon Peloton will introduce a pause button for that equipment, too.

How to pause a Peloton class on the app

On the other hand, you could always pause an On Demand Peloton class off of the hardware. That means on the app, your Roku TV or the website.

You would just click on the play arrow, and you would be the sideways equal sign that shows you’ve paused the broadcast. Click again or hit the space bar on your computer to start the paused Peloton class when you’re ready.

FAQ: Does Peloton have a camera

Did you notice the piece of blue tape in the Peloton picture above? I’ve got it on my Peloton tablet because, yes, Peloton does have a camera. 

On the original Peloton bike the camera is built into the tablet. It’s always there. Therefore, like with my laptop camera, I’ve got it covered with a piece of blue tape for privacy. In case someone remotely hacks into my Peloton or my laptop, I don’t want to take the risk of them activating my camera, too.

However, on the Bike Plus, there is a sliding window that covers or uncovers the camera on the Peloton. Therefore, no blue tape necessary. 

So, why, you may be asking, does the Peloton have a camera? Because, if you want, you can video chat with a follower while you are taking the same class.

I see no appeal in having a conversation while sweating my guts out on the bike. But some people like to do this to catch up with friends or family. Now you know that the Peloton has a camera and what it’s there for.

FAQ: Can you use Peloton without the Internet

The answer to the question about using Peloton without Internet is both yes and no. Yes, you can use your Peloton without Internet, as long as you can hotspot your phone to the bike or Tread. I’ve done this at times when my Internet went out.

The other yes for using Peloton without Internet is using the Peloton app. You can use the Peloton app on your phone or tablet, as long as it has a data plan.

In fact, I do this nearly every day–use the Peloton app without Internet. I’ve taken Jess Sims’ 30-minute 90s walk about 63 times. I listen to it when I walk my dogs each morning. In case you didn’t know, it’s all what she calls Jock Jams.

jess sims jock jams peloton app without internet

Finally, it’s clear that if you do not have Internet or can’t hotspot your phone, then, no, you cannot use your Peloton without Internet.

FAQ: What to do when Peloton not showing cadence or resistance

Have you logged on to do a ride, only to discover that your Peloton is not showing cadence or resistance? Or that the Peloton is not showing metrics at all?

Yeah, this has happened to me, too. There are three fixes that I’ve found that seem to work.

Check for Peloton system update

One, start by exiting the ride you’re in. Then, look at the bottom of the screen.

Is there a system update showing on the bottom of the screen? That is, do you need to update the Peloton software? It’s usually shows with an exclamation point with circling arrows around it. 

If so, then you need to update the system software. This could be the sole reason that cadence and resistance or any metrics aren’t showing on your Peloton.

Shut down your Peloton bike

Two, if there isn’t a system update showing, let me ask you: when was the last time you fully shut down your bike? I know a common question that people ask is if they should shut down or turn off their bike in between rides. I always do. That’s because I think it’s a good practice. 

So, if it’s been a few days since you shut down your Peloton, go ahead and do that. Then start it back up and go back into your ride. Is it fixed? Are the metrics finally showing? Great.

Unplug your Peloton cycle like a modem

Three, if none of the above options work, think about your Peloton bike like a modem. You know how unplugging a modem, counting to 30 and then plugging it back in seems to fix all problems?

Yeah, well, remember that your Peloton is a fancy computer device. Technically, the screen or tablet is an Android device. So try the modem trick to restore metrics.

I’m confident that one of these three solutions will fix the problem of the Peloton not showing cadence or resistance or metrics overall. However, if I’m wrong, then I would suggest reaching out to Peloton support.

FAQ: Can you use a Peloton membership on multiple bikes

There are two ways of answering the question, “Can you use one Peloton subscription on multiple bikes?” If you have more than one Peloton bike in your home, household or family, then, yes, you can use one Peloton subscription on multiple bikes. But, it’s a yes with a caveat.

If more than one person signs into two or more bikes at the same time–on the same subscription–only one person can ride. In other words, only one subscription at a time can be active on a Peloton bike.

On the other hand, if you and your children or significant other want to be able to ride classes together, you’ll each need to have separate subscriptions. This applies to the same kind of hardware only. So, two Peloton bikes riding at the same time–either in the same place or just simultaneously–will need to pay for separate subscriptions.

Similarly, two Peloton Treads being used at the same time will need separate subscriptions.

However, a single Peloton subscription can be used on a piece of hardware and the Peloton app or website or channel on a Roku TV at the same time. You will not get kicked off for using a bike or Tread and an online version of Peloton classes simultaneously.

So you can share a Peloton membership. You just can’t share it and use it at the same time when riding the bike while someone else rides another Peloton.

FAQ on a Peloton Crew or Tribe

What is a Peloton crew or tribe? This is a group of people who are a fan of a certain instructor.

For example, the #boocrew are Cody Rigsby fans. Why? Because Cody calls everyone “boo.” 

You will find lots of crew or tribe-related tags associated with people’s profiles. Some examples include:

  • CDETribe (for Peloton instructor Christine D’Ercole
  • JSSTribe (for Peloton instructor Jenn Sherman)
  • Yougettocrew (for Peloton instructor Jess Sims)
  • Pushpushcrew (for Peloton instructor Hannah Frankson)
  • 80screw ( for people who like music from the 1980s)

By the way if you are a fan of certain instructors and their favorite phrases, check out my post on Peloton quote gifts.

Boocrew Products

For a sample of some of the gifts from Etsy I include for the #boocrew, here you go.

Peloton Instructor Quotes Gifts and Products: Boo Crew

Peloton homecoming FAQ

What is Peloton homecoming? It is an annual event in New York City. It is a time when Peloton users can gather together to ride, run and workout with their favorite instructors.

In 2020 and 2021 hoemcoming was done virtually. Before it was called homecoming, Peloton referred to it has the home rider invasion. That’s because Peloton bike riders, who normally rode at home, would come to New York City to “invade” the Peloton studio.

Peloton PR

I’ve included a Peloton PR in this FAQ for a few reasons. Yes, PR also stands for Puerto Rico. But in Peloton land PR is “personal record.” Some people might refer to it as PB for personal best. To me PB is just an abbreviation for peanut butter.

People who competed in sports in high school or college understand the notion of PR. Me? I was not an athlete so PR was a new one on me.

Basically, it’s when your total output on a class that was the same length (i.e. 45-minute ride) is higher than your previous output. Then, you have a PR. When you earn a PR, you’ll get a yellow star badge in your achievements.

Output on Peloton

Have you ridden with instructor Denis Morton yet? He always says, “Cadence and resistance come together like Voltron to create output.”

Basically, as you’re riding, the cadence (your leg speed) and the resistance (the knob you turn to make pedaling harder or easier) are combining to create the output (your power), the number in the middle. 

Output is the metric that riders use on Power Zone rides. Unfamiliar with Power Zone training? Here is my blog post that explains Power Zone.

Peloton achievement badges FAQ

If there’s one thing Peloton has excelled at, it is incentivizing working out. How? By giving out badges.

You get badges when you achieve a PR, you get badges when you hit a daily or weekly streak, and you get badges when you hit a milestone, such as your 100th ride or your Century Ride.

I do a real deep dive on badges in this blog post about Peloton milestones.

Final thoughts on this Peloton FAQ

I hope that this Peloton FAQ has helped you become more familiar with Peloton lingo. If I have missed any phrases or terms, please post a comment. Then, I will update this post accordingly.

Finally, if you are new to Peloton, please visit my post on Peloton for beginners. And do subscribe to my email list for the lastest info from me on everything Peloton.

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